“The Winter Olympics is coming” zhang Congge, chairman of an enterprise in Cangzhou City: Pay attention to the Winter Olympics to find a draught

On January 29, the 27th day of the 12th lunar month, zhang Congge, chairman of Cangzhou Yiaote Sports Equipment Co., LTD., was still busy, although it was already at the end of the New Year.In his office, he sits around with several business partners and the topic of discussion is “The Winter Olympics” — is there a business opportunity during the Winter Olympics?How is the market going after the Olympics?How to further improve the competitiveness of products?”I caught the winter Olympics.”Zhang congge told reporters that after winning the bid, he decided to get involved in the ice and snow industry and developed equipment for various ice and snow events, including simulated skating rink, land curling and table curling.Land curling is popular in urban and rural areas.In order to improve the simulation performance of the land curling track, the company has continuously carried out innovative research and development. In 2018, the company launched the land curling track made of liquid synthetic ice, which can achieve more than 95% imitation, and has a lower cost and is easy to install.Up to now, the sales volume of this product has reached more than 10,000 square meters.With the vigorous development of mass ice and snow sports around the company, the sales volume of ice and snow equipment produced by the company continues to grow, the sales volume in 2021 will reach more than 30 million yuan, Wu ‘an, Guangping, Xinhe, Wuyi and other places have their company to build simulation ice rink.The development of the company has strengthened Zhang’s confidence and increased his affection for the Winter Olympics.”The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held during the Spring Festival, which will attract a lot of attention and will surely bring more people to the skating rink.So we need to plan ahead.”Zhang said that after the Spring Festival, the company plans to further strengthen research and development, expand reproduction, and continue to plow snow and ice equipment production.Zhang has already made a daily schedule for the Beijing Winter Olympics and plans to watch the games, especially the ice events.”It’s not just for entertainment, but to make up for lessons in winter sports. On the one hand, I pay attention to the equipment used in the Winter Olympics and learn from the standards, so as to grasp the development trend of the industry and find inspiration for product innovation.”(Hebei Daily reporter Yang Mingjing)

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