The courage of Mevlut

Even knowing Orhan.Pamuk’s “Strange Things In My Head” is a synopsis of the book, which contains some of the best quotes in the book, and is a lament for the lives of two men and two women.When Mevlut was a child, on his uncle’s funeral, he fell in love with the beautiful little girl Samiha at first sight. Encouraged and designed by his friends, he wrote love letters to Samiha all the time, even when he retired from the army, he never stopped. Samiha was white moonlight in Mevlut’s difficult life.When he learned that his sweetheart was going to get married, With the help of his friends, Mevlut eloped with her.But the girl who eloped with him was not his sweetheart, but Samiha’s sister Laiha, because his friend was also interested in Samiha.It was hard for Mevlut to decide.In the end kindness and responsibility prevailed and he married Laiha.My friend and Samiha got married.Luck makes people, Laiha know the love letter thing, there is no trust between husband and wife, plus abortion, died.Samiha’s husband died in an accident, alone.Friends persuaded Mevlut and Samiha to marry and confess about the love letters.The love of Mevlut’s heart was Laiha.The story of this novel happened in Istanbul, exotic amorous feelings, do not have a taste.What shocked me most about this novel was the choice of the protagonist, Mevlut.It took a great deal of courage, in addition to nature, to support his choice.May you and I have the courage to make choices.

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