During the Spring Festival, Yang Zhiyong visited the frontline personnel on duty

Visit the site.Day and the annual lunar calendar, ruanjiang zhi-yong Yang successively came to the secretary of municipal party committee of municipal environmental sanitation service center, the city tap water company, the city inspection team, city construction and management of the media center, the city bureau, ShiWeiBan, called sympathy during the Spring Festival is still stick to jobs, fighting in the front-line staff, New Year’s greetings to them, thank them for their hard work,Season’s greetings and New Year’s greetings to them.Yuanjiang Municipal Standing Committee, director of the municipal commission office Zhou Jun, deputy mayor, city public security Bureau director Guo Qiang condoled.Yang Zhiyong and his delegation first came to the municipal environmental health service center to express condolences to the staff still working in the front line, and sent condolence money, at the same time, a detailed understanding of the current sanitation work.Yang Zhiyong told the relevant person in charge, we must do a good job in advance of the work scheduling, do a good job of peak garbage removal, adhere to “daily cleaning, daily sweep, daily transport”, keep the city clean and tidy.At the same time, to strengthen the duty on duty, to ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.Water supply concerns people’s livelihood, involving millions of households.In yuanjiang city water company, Yang Zhiyong cordially visited the cadres and workers, and detailed understanding of the daily water supply, emergency water supply and other related situations.Yang Zhiyong required that water supply departments should always tighten the safety of the string, check risks and hidden dangers in advance, strengthen the inspection and duty during the festival, closely monitor the operation of water supply equipment, further improve the accident emergency plan, scientific scheduling of water supply production, to ensure the safety of water supply during the Spring Festival.In yuanjiang Rong Media Center, Yang Zhiyong inquired about the current duty situation in detail, and gave full affirmation to the work of yuanjiang Rong Media Center.Yang Zhiyong asked, the majority of journalists to standard provincial media, improve their business ability.To further improve the political standing, strengthen the construction of the team, enhance the business skills, create more high-quality articles, grasp the characteristics of news, focus more on the important leaders of the municipal party committee and the people’s livelihood and other aspects.At the same time, we should absorb more talents, fulfill our social responsibilities, give play to the supervision role of the media, do a good job in innovation publicity, and spread the sound of Yuanjiang.On the second day of the lunar New Year, heavy snow and traffic pressure increased sharply.The vast majority of public security police in Yuanjiang city fight in the Spring Festival transport organization, the first line of public security maintenance, woven a safe protection net.At the municipal public security bureau, baisha bridge, special police brigade ZhiQinDian zhi-yong Yang see condolences to the frontline police on duty, and through them to the city public security policemen to extend season’s greetings and highest respect and encourage everyone to loyalty takes office, bear sacrifice, ready, ready, strengthen team construction, strengthen the duty BeiQin, intensify patrols, do “see see police during the day, night lights,”To secure the safety of the city.Yang zhiyong asked all departments at all levels of the city to strictly implement the system of leadership, 24-hour duty, major events reporting and other systems, to standardize information reporting, timely and proper response to the occurrence of emergency important events, to ensure the normal operation of the work during holidays.We need to make good emergency preparations, deploy adequate emergency response forces, ensure immediate response to emergencies in a scientific and efficient manner, and make every effort to protect the safety of people’s lives and property.

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