She hurriedly ran away, the king roared: Lao Zi married you

Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Small make up recommend everyone today: “hundred drowning pet lovely wife” she hurriedly run road, the king roars, Lao tze to marry you will be the first book: “hundred drowning pet lovely wife” main content: the drowning pet absolutely charming wife she hurriedly run road, the king roars, Lao tze to marry you the highlights: “Sir, I need to pick up my baby, let me off here.”Tian Honey relieved, the man must be instantly tired of her, after all, they this kind of influential figures on weekdays to seek pleasure but are fresh, is more like those beautiful, young and beautiful girl, she a “married husband” how to get their eyes?”Where are you going? I’ll send you,” Xuan said coldly.What kind of man did she marry, who needed to make her visible, take care of her children while working, what kind of life did she have all these years?At the thought, Yunxuan clenched his fist.”Then, please send me to Wansheng department store.” Since I couldn’t get rid of it, Tian Mi didn’t struggle any more. She went to Wansheng Department store to buy a box of strawberry cake, which Lin Zhitao loved best, and please this old schoolgirl with a bad life.The car stopped at the front entrance of the Mansheng Department store, and Xuan yao got out and opened the door for Tian, attracting the attention of the crowd around him.Nice cars, nice guys, but no girls.Tian Mi thanked her again and again and trotted into the Wansheng Department store.Behind, you xuan Yao looked at tian Mi’s back for a long time can not return to god.”Lu Kai, you help me check a person, rightness, she calls tian honey, have two children, should be to call tian bao and tian sweet, do not know is not milk name, rightness, more careful better.”(Click below to read online for free) the second book: “Get love married: Contract husband sweet pet” highlights: Xiao Mi Mi point point, step to go there, but two legs are numb, walk to become limping, a little funny.Luo Yeting looked at Xiao Mi mi’s legs, good-looking sword eyebrow micro cu, “your legs…”You’re not handicapped, are you?Xiao Mi mi embarrassed smile, also know what Luo Yeting is thinking at this time, “my legs are ok, is standing too long, a little numb.”Luo Yeting nodded thoughtfully, “please sit down!”The secretary took a stack of documents, went to the opposite of Luo Yeting, “president, these documents are need your signature!”Luo Yeting nodded, “you put it first!”The secretary had to put the documents on the most prominent position and said, “President, you must not forget that these documents are urgently needed.””Remind me again at one o ‘clock.””Okay, I see.”With that, the secretary left the office.Xiao Mi mi carefully looked at the change of the look of Luo Yeting, for fear that he would revenge himself.Luo Yeting think Mimi Xiao this kind of look a little strange, confused asked: “do I have something on my face?”Xiao Mi mi this just embarrassed of the line of sight received back, shook his head, “no no!”Thought or hurriedly shift his attention is good, perhaps he has not remembered who she is, after all, the light was dark yesterday, he drank wine again, can not remember her appearance is also very normal, “do not know the president to ask me what is the matter.”(Click below to read online for free) The third book: “Rebirth 80 sweet pet Marriage” highlights: “You are miharu?”The familiar face and the look of resentment, as well as the words, let her mind not think of thirteen years ago because of xu’s wife and leave xu Sanchun.The beautiful but poor wench, brother Xu Sanchun home with an accident, need to use money, hsu family there already began to set in the village people anymore, because xu found a donkey donkey for someone have a crush on her, as long as the past to marry her rich treating brother, hsu family all people don’t have enough money at that time, everyone chip in it is the kin’s sake.This is not a solution to the way a heart is also happy not to pay, but who can think that xu woman to find that other people’s son is a fool not to say, the age is not small!Especially relative to xu Sanchun at that time that is really able to be a father!Xu Sanchun but only ten years old!The man was 35!Xu wife was in order to force Xu Sanchun promised, but also in front of the clansmen forced her, said she did not promise is not filial piety, is not to help.She took out her identity and forced her to kneel.Mrs. Xu likes to let people kneel to her very much, which has been known since Zhang Xiuqin married Xu Sanxin.Xu Sanchun’s family did not agree at that time, said Zhang Xiuqin think Xu Sanchun’s parents to her is really good, in the son and daughter saw they did not choose to sacrifice daughter, but chose to sell all the family property only to treat his son.She ran away in a hurry and the king of the Army shouted:Lao Zi married you the above is today small make up to bring you wonderful books, I hope you like, and then add more attention and collection oh, there are fans have opinions and views can also be put forward in the comment area, small make up with you to discuss about the good novels and wonderful story!

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