A-level scenic spots in Sichuan have received nearly 8 million tourists

On February 2, the reporter learned from the Leading group office of Culture and tourism industry in Sichuan Province that as of 15 o ‘clock that day, the province’s 695 a-level tourist attractions included in the statistics, A total of 7,844,500 tourists in three days, realized ticket revenue of 56.94600 million yuan.Compared with 654 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the cumulative number of visitors over the three days increased by 13.72% and the cumulative ticket revenue by 16.27%.After the bronze mask unearthed from Sanxingdui Ruins appeared in the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, it once again triggered the cultural expo craze and led the “39th National Congress” again.In the first three days of the Spring Festival holiday, 17,500 visitors experienced the mysterious ancient Shu civilization at the Sanxingdui Museum, up 190.19 percent year on year, and ticket revenue rose 208.27 percent to 767,900 yuan.Giant pandas and Jiuzhaigou have also attracted many tourists.The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding received 10,200 visitors in the first three days of the Holiday, up 342.76 percent year on year.Ticket sales reached 470,000 yuan, up 363.85 percent year on year.Jiuzhaigou scenic spot ticket revenue accumulated 248,700 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.67%.Technology empowers cultural travel and promotes a new vacation experience.This Spring Festival, Yibin city using laser projection, holographic projection, uav light show and other technologies and forms, launched the main city three rivers and six banks theme light show, “Pingshan Printing painting” large light and shadow live-action interpretation, Changning water curtain light and water curtain film, to create the city audio-visual light and shadow parlor.In Sichu Garden near Hejiang Pavilion in Chengdu city, a large naked eye 3D display adopts distributed matrix optical technology, allowing citizens to experience “cloud New Year’s greetings”.Guang ‘an city launched a series of online publicity activities of “Culture into 10,000 people · Video live Hometown Year”.On the second day of the first lunar month, snow and ice travel continued to be popular in many parts of the province.In aba Prefecture, Garze Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture and Panzhihua City, 150 A-level scenic spots carrying out winter tourism received 719,400 tourists in three days and realized ticket revenue of 1,982,300 yuan.Compared with 113 key scenic spots included in the statistics in 2021, the total number of visitors in the three days increased by 38.92%.Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic area received more than 22,000 tourists, an increase of more than 110% year on year.Sunac Snow World has received 11,000 tourists;The Wanggangping Scenic Spot in Ya ‘an received nearly 2,000 tourists, up 322.67% from the previous month.Aba Prefecture Jiudingshan, Bi Penggou, Partridge mountain and other ski resort tourists increase significantly.Wawu Mountain for three consecutive days to reach the maximum number of tourists.In the eyes of many tourists, it is still the best choice to enjoy traditional folk customs and enjoy a full Spring Festival.During the holiday, the Jinsha Site Museum held a joint exhibition of “Tiger Begetting Blessing — The Year of The Tiger of Ren Yin”, displaying the unique zodiac culture.Beichuan Qiang City launched the “Qiang Township Chinese New Year intangible Cultural Heritage folk festival celebration” folk activities, live performance of the Qiang folk fun sports putt, Qiang song and dance, etc., series of activities also participated in the CCTV news live.Langzhong Ancient City has received 52,100 tourists, Beichuan Qiang City has received 50,600 tourists, deng Xiaoping hometown tourist area has received 50,600 tourists, ranking third among the 15 5A tourist attractions in the province.Source: Sichuan Daily (reporter Guo Jingwen)

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