Dream journey to the West: the most amazing car small treasure map, pet system online

Fantasy Journey to the West presents wonderful anecdotes every day.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!When a player was making a mana water replica, he got a small grass leaf insect pet, which he thought was a mission prop at first.When I asked the dream elf, IT turned out that he was actually a pet that could be released in the yard, and that he could be bred with other pets.This means a bit like the setting of the pet system in World of Warcraft, and this pet is allowed to trade stalls.Those who like to collect exotic objects will have to pay again, but this is for entertainment only, and the process of collecting pets is something that gold gamers can’t understand.Female dog to jump out of the weekly tongtianhe copy progress update, will continue to jump out of a number of dog to support players.Today’s five players are five famous dishes, among which boiled fish, spicy chicken and pot wrapped meat have been possessed with magic beads.But the Buddha that jumps a wall with material most expensive only got a gist of warcraft however, look also is not the more expensive thing is better.The most bovine of a car small treasure graph small make up has seen a car treasure graph to go out two big 5 treasure player before.But like the following brother, a treasure map dug out three big five treasure, is really the first time to see.This isn’t just a car full of little baubles.He’s the best in history. He’s already historic.

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