Gu Tingye has seen through the true face of man niang, man niang escape with chang brother for what?

When Gu Tingye wronged father angry and procrastinate not leave the family, find a card shark Zhu Man niang feeling to plan their own wealth, coupled with mammy often in order to test her Gu Tingye purposely be expelled from the family of miserable, Zhu Man niang has moved away from Gu Tingye state of mind, when she was to go backward,Gu Tingye in mammy often prompt to see the face of this woman, and confront Zhu Manniang, Zhu Manniang see the situation is wrong, that night to clean up, chose to escape.Chang boys and rong face are Zhu Man niang to tie Gu Tingye children, and she was ready to Hou Fu living capital, now Gu Tingye was forced to leave the family, also see through the Zhu Man niang face, two children not only to the Zhu Man niang lost use value, also became Zhu Man niang small drag, that fled Zhu Man niang also bring chang a what?For Zhu Manniang, if it is not profitable, she will never let chang Elder brother drag himself, after all, alone outside whether it is to raise a child or find another fool, chang Elder brother is a drag on Zhu Manniang., although Gu Tingye had left Hou Fu Gu Tingyu condition, Zhu Man niang know how much is a little, one thousand future Gu Tingye after Gu Tingye belch fart recalled to inherit the title, or by our own efforts to stage a comeback, Zhu Man niang as the eldest son chang a mother, or have access to wealth.Retreat ten thousand steps, even if Gu Tingye is not developed, Chang Ge is also a member of gu gu, even if it is the son of the room, he is qualified to share gu gu a property, Zhu Manniang must keep the son grew up, in order to obtain benefits.As for rong Sister that wench, Zhu Manniang abandoned completely, because the girl is to be married out, keep in the side but also to prepare her dowry, biological daughter can not sell for money, so Zhu Manniang chose to give up the daughter.At the beginning with rong Sister to go home, also be prepared to sacrifice the daughter.It is worth mentioning that in the original Zhu Man niang no escape, is Gu Tingye can not accept her face, didn’t give enough money after I went out to struggle, unexpectedly Zhu Man niang unexpectedly take rong face “to the family, hope she can give Gu Tingye marry after new Mrs Tian du, himself took the son to pursue Gu Tingye footsteps, the results had little chang a unbearable journey tired and sick,A minor illness turned into a major illness and eventually died.Gu Tingye found their mother and son, the changge ashes buried to Zhu Manniang never see place, let Zhu Manniang to die dont know where his son is.

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