It is worth your fine sentence, free and easy and comfortable, every clean heart

Small sentences worthy of your scrutiny, free and easy and comfortable,They are curious about your relationship and your marriage They will investigate your situation and tell themIt’s all good, it’s fun, it’s intimate, it’s all about being closer to your heart.All this is very good, very happy, very close, All in order to get closer to your heart.People without economic income depend on others for food, clothing and housing Naturally, they have no confidence from touching to friendship,It was never easy to get to know each other.Love is not enough, you must also learn to communicate, to forgive, to forgive each other.From moving to friendship, from acquaintance to friendship, this is by no means an easy thing Love alone is not enough for two people You must also learn to communicate, When you have a family of your own, the hard times begin.When you have your own family, the hard times begin People just want to keep their distance from you in case you ask them to do something in the future. As for your old friendship, it just doesn’t exist anymore.People just want to keep a distance from you in case you ask for something in the future As for your previous Friendship, it just doesn’t exist so be clear and realize that if you give up in moderation, at least you won’t lose much.So be aware that if you give up, at least you won’t lose a lot. If you feel sick and can’t afford the medicine, you’ll have to endure it, let alone satisfy your appetite or material desires.If you are uncomfortable and can’t afford medicine, you can only bear it, He repeatedly challenges your dignity as a human being. You should have fallen on him a long time ago. The big problem is to break the relationship, but also to clear up.

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