The political commissar of the “Thousand Year Army” returned to China, where Chairman MAO hosted a banquet and was later awarded the rank of lieutenant general

The person I am talking about today may be a stranger to you, but his contributions and abilities are no small.When he was commissioned in 1955, he was given the rank of Lieutenant General, which was not surprising, but he was the youngest lieutenant general.He is young and inexperienced in the Chinese Communist Party. Who is he?On what basis was he awarded a lieutenant general?The youngest lieutenant general was Liu Xiyuan, who was born in Jiangxi province from a poor family and chose to join the army at the age of 17.The Red Army saw that he was too young and wanted to further cultivate him, so they arranged him to study in the Red Army University. Many young men joined the Red Army at that time.Red Army universities train talents for the army so that they can make greater contributions in the future.If they had fought on the battlefield without the training of the Red Army universities, they would have lost their lives on the battlefield due to lack of experience. This was the right thing for the Chinese Red Army.Liu Xiyuan was a famous figure in the Red Army university. His brain was flexible, he was very clever, and he did things very quickly, so he was appreciated and valued by Liu Bocheng.When he was in the University of the Red Army, Liu Bocheng used to put Liu Xiyuan in an important position and entrusted liu Xiyuan with many important matters. Liu Xiyuan also withstood the test of Liu Bocheng and excellently completed the tasks assigned to him.Liu Xiyuan’s life not only marshal Liu Bocheng this bole, there is a marshal, when the Red Army university cadres, one eye picked Liu Xiyuan, Liu Xiyuan became Marshal Zhu De’s subordinates.After the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japan, Yang Yong had sent Liu Xiyuan to lead a company to fight against the Japanese army, Liu Xiyuan led a company to fight bravely against the Japanese army.At that time, the Japanese troops were far more than liu Xiyuan with a company of troops, Yang Yong looked at the situation on the battlefield through a telescope, when he saw the number of Japanese troops, Yang Yong was lamenting the pity of this company.But after a while, Liu xiyuan came back with his troops. When Yang Yong saw him, he was very surprised, but did not show his surprise. He just smiled.Liu xiyuan was prescient. When the US invaded Korea in 1950, Liu xiyuan guessed that China would send troops to fight against the US and aid the Korean war. After guessing this situation, Liu xiyuan immediately mobilized the enthusiasm of the whole army and aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of soldiers.If the real outbreak of anti-American aid to Korea, Liu Xiyuan will lead his army to defend the country.Sure enough, soon after the Us attacked Korea, China sent troops to aid Korea. It was inevitable for China to participate in the war against the US and aid Korea. If Korea did not have China’s assistance, it would not last long and would surely be defeated.At that time, the United States and South Korean forces had joined forces to invade Korea, which was very close to China. If Korea was not safe, then China’s border would not be peaceful.The capitalist countries, led by the United States, are particularly hostile to China. They don’t think China will develop very well, and they are confident that China will not send troops to aid North Korea if the United States goes to attack It.Because China had just been founded, the country needed to be built, and the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang were already engaged in a civil war.The U.S. military was sure that China would not send troops to help Korea this time, which is why they invaded Korea with such fanfare.But the United States guessed wrong, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, after discussion, decided to carry out the war of resistance to the United States and aid Korea, Liu Xiyuan’s army also became the first batch of troops into the Korean battlefield, Liu Xiyuan’s army into Korea, received the first task is to rescue the three Divisions of Korea’s armaments and equipment.With the joint efforts of the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the Korean People’s Army, the military supplies were saved and Liu xiyuan’s mission was successfully completed.Liu xiyuan had been the political commissar of the 38th Army, which had a name, wansui Army, and proved its strength in its second battle.Conclusion: without assistance, the 38th Army attacked Tokugawa by itself, drove back the enemy and occupied three schools. The army achieved an unprecedented victory and inspired the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army.When Marshal Peng Dehuai learned what the 38th Army had done, he directly praised long live the Chinese People’s Volunteers, long live the 38th Army.Therefore, the 38th Army later also got the nickname wansui Army.After the 10,000 Year old army returned to China, Chairman MAO hosted a banquet for Liu Xiyuan. It was because of liu xiyuan’s heroic performance in the war against the United States and aid Korea that he was valued by chairman MAO.In 1955, Liu xiyuan was awarded the rank of lieutenant general, and he was the youngest lieutenant general.

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