What businesses would you like to try if you started your own business now?Professionals give the answer

Introduction since reform and opening up, along with the group after group of successful entrepreneurs, their success to a lot of young people have the idea of entrepreneurship, in constant development of economy in our country, the purchasing power of people also have been promoted, so now still have a lot of entrepreneurial space, only to entrepreneurial success or there are lots of places should pay attention to.Most of the young people now have a entrepreneurial heart, and in the company to do a back-breaking work compared to the people, even if it is hard to start a business, the thought of their own future will be very motivated.However, many young people are not very rich in entrepreneurship and experience. It is impossible to make achievements only by relying on one’s passion, and they may even lose their few funds.In fact, even for those well-known entrepreneurs, their road to entrepreneurship may not be plain sailing. Before they reach the peak, they have experienced many ups and downs, even hovering on the edge of failure. Therefore, starting a business is not so simple as investing some money to start a company.Don’t be discouraged if you encounter setbacks in the process. Finding a solution is the most important thing. So if you start a business now, what business can you try?Professionals give the answer: remember the saying “people don’t touch three businesses if they are poor, and they don’t do three businesses if they have no money”. Only by understanding these, can we be further successful.Let’s talk about what these “three deals” and “three deals” are.The business of first casting a wide net, despite the old saying that all eggs can’t be put in one basket, can work for those with more money who can afford to invest more.But for the hands of capital is not much for people, with such a way of investment is obviously not rational, even Jack Ma once said, to improve efficiency will be put in the mind on one thing, and what will point but do not do well, it is better to concentrate on that one project.The second is that many young people do not take the investment into full consideration when doing business. When they only see how good the project is, they tend to ignore the cost of investment. In the face of a big investment, they will invest even at the cost of borrowing money, but no matter what business they do, there will be the risk of failure.So when we start a business, we should also consider whether we can afford to lose if we fail.The third business is not touch with too many partners of the business, in fact, a lot of people say to business, there will be some experienced people told him that as far as possible don’t and others of the partnership, the partnership of the more people you then will have, the more the potential problems in the early stage of the enterprise development when everyone is willing to pay some more good can make the enterprise developed,But when it comes to doing business, everything is different.Believes that many people should have seen the film “the Chinese partner, he actually told us that even if it is a good friend, together after startup also hard to avoid can have differences, if you can’t handle it well, the final results can only end up acrimoniously, business failures don’t say good friend relationship also has been destroyed, this is really not worth it,So be careful when it comes to this kind of thing.Say we can do the following three business, first is must not do is beyond my ability range of trade, as the saying goes, something to our strengths, it was the same as in business, you have several catties several two believe that everyone in the mind also are clear, even if see others do this business to make money, we also have to consider the consequences, blind investment,It won’t be easy if you can’t afford the consequences.The second is not this business can not do, now there are a lot of online business to join the advertising declared that can operate without this, but the sky will not fall into the pie will not have such a good thing, so if only see how much money can not consider, once the failure will let oneself become nothing.The third is that the sale on credit cannot be done. Many entrepreneurs may encounter capital shortage in the process of operation, but they will choose to borrow money or credit with cooperative merchants.However, this is in fact the reputation of consumer enterprises, if we can not repay on time, it will cause very serious consequences, and too much credit will affect the normal turnover of enterprise funds, so do not do it until absolutely necessary.Conclusion Entrepreneurship needs to pay attention to a lot of places, such as the choice of projects and so on.The ceiling for starting a business is high, but it’s not an easy path, and a few missteps can lead to an irreversible outcome, but it’s important to be careful anyway.This is also the experience of many entrepreneurial predecessors and tycoons. It will not harm us to learn more.Today’s topic: “poor people do not touch three business, no money do not do three business”, entrepreneurs attention, must avoid!

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