AI Anchor | Guangdong temperature climbing, back to the southern day followed

Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Yang Chuying recently, the net top flow “ice pier pier” street “a pier hard to find”.In contrast, the Cantonese are much luckier. Under the attack of damp and cold magic, they seem to have achieved “one trick per household” – “ice squat squat” per person.The anticipation of the Guangdong version of “Ice Squat squat” is about to heat up.Affected by the southerly warm wet airflow, the temperature will usher in a more obvious rise tomorrow.But not too early to rejoice, along with the Most afraid of guangdong back to southern heaven.From November 11 to 12, some cities and counties in southern Pearl River Delta (middle) and western Guangdong may have a light return to the south.According to @Guangdong weather forecast, there will be light rain in cities and counties in central and western Guangdong on October 10. The minimum temperature will rise slowly, but the temperature difference between day and night is small.Rainy and foggy weather, low visibility.From November 11 to 12, under the influence of southerly warm and humid air flow, it will be cloudy in western cities and counties with light rain, and cloudy in eastern cities and counties with temperature rising.Most of Guangdong province has light fog in the morning and evening, some cities and counties have fog.Specific forecast: 10th, shaoguan, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, western Guangdong overcast with light rain, other cities and counties between overcast mainly cloudy, local sporadic light rain.Light fog in central and western cities and counties, some cities and counties fog.Lowest temperature: 4℃ ~ 7℃ (0℃ ~ 3℃) in northern cities and counties of northern Guangdong and northern Zhaoqing;Zhanjiang, Maoming 14℃ ~ 17℃, eastern Guangdong coastal cities and counties, the pearl River Delta southern cities and counties 12℃ ~ 15℃, the rest of the cities and counties 8℃ ~ 12℃.11, Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Zhaoqing, Yunfu cloudy with light rain partial moderate rain, Meizhou, eastern Guangdong, the pearl River Delta eastern cities and counties mainly cloudy between cloudy, other cities and counties mainly cloudy between cloudy, scattered light rain.Light fog in central and western cities and counties, some cities and counties fog.Lowest temperature: 6℃ ~ 9℃ (3℃ ~ 6℃ in high altitude mountainous areas) in the northern cities and counties of northern Guangdong;Zhanjiang, Maoming, coastal cities and counties in eastern Guangdong, southern cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta 14℃ ~ 19℃, other cities and counties 10℃ ~ 14℃.Recently, rain and fog weather, low visibility, hazy rain and fog, we should pay attention to traffic safety.Driving friends should pay attention to the control distance, deceleration, bright tail!Guangzhou, 10 (10th) sporadic or scattered light rain, cold weather continued;From November 11 to 12 (the 11th and 12th Days), the warm and humid air in the south will increase, and the rain and fog will become more obvious, possibly accompanied by a slight southward phenomenon, and the temperature will rise significantly.The specific forecast is as follows: February 10 (10th) : cloudy to cloudy, occasionally scattered light rain, 9 ~ 17℃;Feb 11 (11) : Cloudy with occasional light rain and fog, 13 ~ 22℃;Feb 12 (12th) : Cloudy with occasional drizzle and fog, 17 ~ 23℃.Every festival weight three catties, coupled with the wet and cold magic attack, many small partners unknowingly eat too much.Don’t panic, professor Li Yan, director of the department of psychological sleep of Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, teaches you how to use different traditional Chinese medicine to make tea drinks, and eliminate stagnation drinks after the festival.You can choose one or more medicinal materials according to your actual situation, and each medicinal material should be 10-20g. You can drink it by brewing boiled water for 3-5 minutes.Malt, Divine Comedy and barley tea are mainly aimed at the indigestion caused by starchy food such as rice and noodles, including all kinds of cakes or refined dim sum, tangyuan dessert, fried bread sticks, fried noodles and so on.Hawthorn basically is aimed at carnivorous overmuch the indigestion that be caused by, be like meat product, grease, cheese, plain eat fat more sweet and thick greasy, hawthorn suits especially.The seed of radish, also known as radish, in addition to nourishing the stomach and eliminating food, also has the function of reducing qi and reducing phlegm. It is good for people with flatulence, chest tightness and chest blockage or phlegm in the throat after full food.Tangerine peel has the function of invigorating spleen, dampness and relieving pain, and has obvious effect on those with cold and wet abdominal pain.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send source | the yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng pie comprehensive @ guangdong the weather in guangzhou is coordinating editor such as weather, @ | Liang Zeming

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