“Adjust” the output of fine fertilizer and fine seed to increase production and income

The Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Pingan District provided free seeds to professional cooperatives.Shagou township in the transfer of land sown with broad beans and wheat seeds.After the “rain”, the atmosphere of spring is getting stronger and stronger in the vast fields of hehuang Valley. Farmers are busy everywhere in the fields.Looking ahead, clean up farmland residual film, transport organic fertilizer, purchase reserve agricultural materials, maintenance and debugging agricultural machinery, ancient Yi Peace blowing spring ploughing spring sowing song.Li Xinyuan is a veteran Party member of Shigou Village, Pingan District, Haidong City, and a leader in getting rich. As usual, he always shuttles in the fields during spring ploughing season.The professional cooperative he is responsible for has transferred 107 hectares of land in his village, Pingan Town and Gucheng Town to sow broad beans and breed them.In order to further improve the yield of wheat per unit area and increase the per capita income of farmers, Ping an District seed station and a number of professional cooperatives signed strategic cooperation agreements on improved seed breeding, Li xinyuan’s cooperative is one of them.Li xinyuan said that cooperatives now grow wheat seeds and other crops, not only good profits, but also enjoy a lot of preferential policies for farmers.Shagou township Party committee government and village party branch is to provide all kinds of help within our power, go all out to help spring farming production.Changs in zone of peace town village in the village of the fields, tilling machine rumbling back and forth, for the field “relaxes the muscles loose”, farmers 3322, or flat land, sowing wheat seeds, or carrying a hoe in the field digging, weeding, everywhere busy spring scene, peace town spring were prelude is gradually opened.As fertilizer, seeds and other agricultural materials have been transported to the fields, Zhangjiazhai village, Ma Changju said with a smile: “the current policy is good, free organic fertilizer back to farmland subsidies, the cost has been reduced, we are more enthusiastic about farming, I hope there will be a good harvest this year.”Wang Xinjun, secretary of the village party branch, pointed to the endless farmland and said: “Our village has more than 3,000 acres of land. 1,000 acres are rented to Haidong Pingan Yi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. to plant rape flowers, and the rest of the plan is to plant wheat, vegetables, potatoes and other self-sufficient agricultural products.””At present, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other types of agricultural materials reserves are sufficient, spring ploughing preparation work has been ready, plan to complete the sowing task at the end of March, during which we will invite the district bureau of agricultural technology to the field for guidance, to ensure that the spring sowing work smoothly.”Ping an town deputy secretary of the Party Committee, mayor Wang Zhijian introduced.Since the beginning of spring, Ping ‘an town to do a good job of spring farming production work as an important measure to ensure food production, agricultural efficiency, farmers increase income, a comprehensive investigation and maintenance of water conservancy facilities, speed up spring farming supplies transport, storage and supply;Field management measures such as spring irrigation, fertilization, disease and insect pest prevention and control were actively implemented, and all work of spring tillage production was advanced in an orderly manner.Up to now, Ping an Town alone has allocated more than 420 hectares of cultivated land, allocated 120,000 kilograms of seeds, and coordinated with the district Agricultural Science Bureau to provide 800,000 kilograms of free organic fertilizer, laying a solid foundation for agricultural harvest and farmers’ income increase, and promoting the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements with rural revitalization to achieve greater results.Ping ‘an District seed station master Wang Dongxing introduction:”This year, ping ‘an district crop seed project total investment 1.59 million yuan, the construction of ‘three fields’ 600 mu, wheat breeding 1800 mu, broad bean original breeding 1300 mu, new varieties of corn promotion 2800 mu, wheat new varieties demonstration 1400 mu, forage grass breeding 3000 mu, rape new varieties show 3600 mu.”Pingan District seed station provides professional cooperatives with free improved seeds, whole-process tracking service and technical guidance. Relying on the improved seeds and breeding base, it continues to strengthen the base construction, and continuously promotes the modern seed industry system of “integration of breeding, reproduction and pushing”. Through the construction of project base field, it achieves the purpose of increasing farmers’ income and agricultural efficiency.(Chen Jun) Source: Qinghai Daily

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