Each place issued “family education order” one after another, family education market will become the new blue ocean?

On February 10, the People’s Court of Beijing Pinggu District issued the city’s first family education decree.Xiaoqiang (pseudonym) was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined 1,000 yuan ($1,000) on Feb. 9 for stealing, according to the pinggu Court’s website.During the trial of the case, tang Lijun, the judge in charge of the case, understood that “Xiaoqiang stayed out of home for a long time, made friends with social personnel and frequented Internet cafes. His parents indulged these bad behaviors and neglected to perform the guardiandom. It was the lack of family education that finally led xiaoqiang to the road of crime.”On January 1 this year, the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China officially came into effect. This is the first special legislation on family education in China, marking the beginning of the era of “raising children according to law” in China.On January 6, the Tianxin District People’s Court in Changsha, Hunan province, heard a custody change dispute and issued the country’s first family education decree after the Family Education Promotion Law came into force.A survey shows that there is a big gap between family education guidance services and the needs of parents. Parents report that nearly half of urban and rural schools and communities have not established parent schools or tutoring agencies.27.8% of parents have never participated in activities organized by schools and tutoring agencies.According to the 2021 White Paper on Family Education in China, 58 percent of parents say there is a lack of sound and systematic family education methods.”Parents’ lack of high-quality companionship and unvaried parenting styles lead to varying degrees of parent-child conflict.”On January 21, Weng Wenlei, a member of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested at the fifth session of the 13th Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference that local legislation on family education should be strengthened, and qualified colleges and universities should be encouraged to set up disciplines related to family education and cultivate professionals in family education.Encourage elementary, primary and secondary school teachers to receive a certain period of family education guidance training.In addition to the government and schools, social forces such as head education companies are also contributing to family education.Last August, New Oriental caused a hot discussion of “transformation training parents”, actually refers to Beijing New Oriental Quality Education growth Center under the quality of parents wisdom shop business.New Oriental responded that this is not its first exploration of home education.In 2008, new Oriental Family Education Research and Guidance Center has been established.Homework help set up a family education center, the relevant curriculum content covers psychological consultation, teacher training, safety knowledge and family education (parents) four sections;Good Future also offers courses related to family education.However, most of these businesses have the nature of “public welfare” in the organization’s publicity, and their commercialization is relatively limited.The current family education market is divided into the following categories: family education services, including family education courses, psychological counseling, etc.;Family education related platform, providing school information, knowledge payment and other content;Parent-child activities, including parent-child games and parent-child reading;Family education related intelligent hardware.Iresearch mentioned its industry limitations in the “2020 Research Report on China’s Family Education Industry”, that is, family education is an industry with low frequency, high requirements and long service cycle, and consumption behavior cannot happen at any time.At the same time, the management level of some family education enterprises is backward, and the audit of the franchisee is not strict, leading to uneven service level.Its industrial supply chain involves a wide range of products, which makes it difficult for small enterprises to survive. With large initial investment, they cannot afford a price war and cannot develop and expand.”The domestic market of family education institutions has not yet been opened, and their main mode is public school procurement. Currently, they are engaged in TO B business.In the short term, some small organizations can lead a ‘comfortable’ life. For example, a small team of about 20 people can make tens of millions of yuan a year.”According to China Business News, citing industry sources.There are also some enterprises looking for business opportunities in vocational training, put forward “family education instructor” certification services, once appeared “family education instructor annual salary of 500,000” publicity stunt, but the industry believes that this kind of operation, although outside the supervision area, but the profit is thin.Claims “training institutions’ family education guidance teacher certificate, can get the” iron rice bowl “, it may be to teachers’ home ‘to provide a “home service” “props”, in response to the regulatory authorities to investigate, in the investigation, told regulators, is family education guidance to parents, or cooperate with parents of children in family education.”Xiong Bingqi, president of the 21st Century Education Research Institute, said to interface education.The Law on the Promotion of Family Education clearly stipulates that “when family education guidance institutions carry out family education guidance services, they shall not organize or disguised for-profit education training.””That is to say, family education and guidance services for parents must adhere to the nature of public welfare, rather than seeking profits.”Xiong bingqi said.In his opinion, the requirement that family education guidance institutions must be non-profit does not mean that the training of family education guidance teachers cannot be profitable, which is a different kind of training.The object of family education guidance is the parents, so we should adhere to the public welfare;The training object of family education guidance and trainer is the personnel who carry out family education guidance, which belongs to adult training and vocational training and can be profitable.Xiong Bingqi said, as adult training and vocational training of family education instructor training, should have the corresponding training qualifications, can not carry out the so-called “training” without training qualifications, and false propaganda, claimed to complete a few days of course learning, can obtain the official certification of family education instructor certificate.For family education instructor training there are mixed, false publicity, certificates flying everywhere, supervision departments to strengthen supervision.Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences, also said to Jiemian that family education cannot completely rely on the market and should be dominated by the government. The Family Education Promotion Law emphasizes “national responsibility” and “social coordination”, which does not exclude some professional institutions from adopting market-oriented methods.But it can also create new problems if organizations over-market, hype up anxiety and end up costing families more.Women’s rights protection public welfare service hotline: 12338

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