Heart reunion is the year! Zhengzhou: Immersive fun challenges unknown caves

Dahenet news (reporter Han Miaoyu, Li Tong, Jiang Yulu, Li Siyu) have you ever seen karst in Zhengzhou?Do you want to have a look at the karst landscape at your doorstep?Follow the reporter together, take you to see a different Zhengzhou, the “local Chinese New Year” have a wonderful time.The first cave exploration workshop in Central China is mainly karst, which is extended around the grotto culture of Henan province and combines the shape of the grotto with the karst landform. Do you dare to challenge such an unknown adventure?There are five regions and seven routes in total, which not only creates the legend of adventure park, but also allows every experier to exercise strong will in the joy of conquering nature and overcoming difficulties. Here is the first cave exploration workshop in Central China, located on the 3rd floor of Zhengzhou Dennis Seventh World.Keep going to find the exit volcano theme cave fossil chamber, spider web array, crater, aerial rope net…Various styles of extreme challenges, twists and turns, ups and downs, not only exercise strong will, but also enhance confidence, is the perfect combination of entertainment and physical fitness.Dear friends who are staying in Zheng for the New Year, please come and start your adventure!Natural and cultural integration of recreational sports experience

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