Jilin Province Volunteer Service Federation and Changchun Old Hantou Halal Food donated 1 million yuan of materials to Xi ‘an

Recently, the Provincial Volunteer Service Federation and Changchun Lao Hantou Halal Food Co., Ltd. launched a charity donation campaign to help Xi ‘an fight the epidemic.On January 25, a truck loaded with 500 boxes and 20,000 bags of halal halal food slowly drove out of changchun Lao Hantou Halal Food Co., LTD., and was scheduled to arrive in Xi ‘an on January 28.”To assist Xi ‘an, we donated products including beef with signature sauce, smoked chicken, spicy beef tripe and chicken leg with pine flower, worth 1 million yuan.As a time-honored enterprise, it is our glorious and sacred responsibility to contribute to the society with our own modest strength.”According to Hui Chunwei, chairman of Changchun Laohantou Halal Food Co., LTD., the donated materials will be sent to Beiyuanmen, Beiguangji Street, Xiyang city and Dapiyuan streets in Xi ‘an’s Lianhu District after they arrive in Xi ‘an, where they will be used for caring volunteers on the front lines of xi ‘an during the Spring Festival and distributed to community residents as needed.Jilin Daily all media reporter Zhang Yajing

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