Mr. Yoon looked forward to a U.S. redeployment on the peninsula

Seoul (Reuters) – A South Korean delegation is trying to redeploy U.S. strategic assets, such as nuclear bombers and submarines, to the Korean Peninsula during a visit to Washington, an adviser to President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol said Wednesday.Yoon sought a more sustained US security presence to “deter” North Korea, and his team of diplomatic and security aides met with US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan during a visit to the US, the report said.The USS Alaska, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, is seen in the port of Gibraltar on June 28, 2021.”The deployment of strategic assets is an important factor in strengthening extended deterrence, and the issue will naturally come up in the discussions,” senior LAWMAKER And head of the delegation, Park Zhen, told reporters.His trip is also aimed at securing an early summit between South Korea’s new leader and US President Joe Biden, the report said.A White House official, asked about such talks and whether Washington supported the deployment of such weapons in South Korea, said there had been a “general discussion” of American defense commitments, the report added, without elaborating.

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