Rockets lose blazers!Gordon grinned, Matthews left the court dejected, and Martin hugged Billups

Today’s rockets and Portland trail Blazers game, because of porter’s absence, the impact on both sides of the rocket offense is very big.Among them, the offensive end organization rhythm is not, the defensive end aggression is not, ultimately causing the rockets to lose.Of course, Silas’s appointment of Augustine at the end is a major flaw.Either way, the rockets had already lost the game, but Gordon was excited afterward.When he met McCollum, he just grinned, which was a surprise.Of course, the Rockets don’t have a playoff goal anymore, and it’s not surprising that they’re happy with the situation.The two of them were in constant communication for almost a minute.But Matthews was extremely upset.He finished with 21 points and made 5 of 9 shots from the field, which was pretty good.Matthews was the first player on the team to leave the game after holding his knee and then grabbing his shirt after the buzzer sounded.Martin grabbed Billups for the first time, and billups and Martin Jr. exchanged some words.Martin jr. ‘s admiration for Billups may have grown in private, or he wouldn’t have hugged him in the first place.In any case, the current rockets compared to the early season progress is still some, if next season, I believe the rockets will be in a new look.Green’s and Shin’s shooting, for example, will make a big difference to the offensive end of the team once practiced.And the rockets have no desire to trade this season, they will basically keep the same roster for next season.

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