State 100% all the way full marks

M6 PRO One or two rows splicing full flat large bed model 1837mm wide body design 170mm super wide two rows channel really seven seats, large space for family more space,A more comfortable fit more laughter three rows of 960 mm wide wide seat comfortable stretch, give family better treat flexible expansion, changed to receive 1100 l super magic luggage space filled with love for family trip to happy charm full marks, impeccably exhibition match the arrow feather wing before face through big grille tension all show elegant appearance as edgy aesthetic feeling just one eye,Make you feel out of the design matrix full LED headlamps sintex shape decoration matching full LED lamp bead temperament, cool atmosphere you completely take power full marks of jing is colourful, kei is in control of the third generation of high-performance 270 t engine tie-in 7 WDCT transmission break the routine, full speed ahead to sprint every 6 months out new love life at the gearbox version of mature technology,Rapid response operation handy for you in the fast pace of life also can adept intelligent full marks, unparalleled two large 12.3 -inch one-piece ipc screen size, visible travel more row of huawei HiCar intelligent non-inductive cast screen at wireless, wireless charging, keep full charge state of infinite intelligence farewell “cable trouble” vitality,New 10 L2 auxiliary driving functions are added without fear of complex road conditions to control the heart, safe and comfortable life, happy to enjoy the fun of driving comfortable, leisurely accompanying trumpchi M6 PRO to witness your full score moment

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