“Unbearable” : in the understanding of the meaning of love, think of the answer and options only you

What’s wrong with everyone these days? Why do you want a sadistic article?It’s New Year’s eve and Orange can only do its best to satisfy you. I hope you’re still happy after reading this article.Work “Unbearable”, the author chi Total slag, the first pei, the full text of 231,000 words.[Brief introduction] leading role: Feng Qi, season qi and season fan Han from childhood acquaintance, grow up.When the season is weak and sick, the physical quality is very good qi consciously take care of the season a lot, call each other up, send each other to school…Feng Qi treated feelings very carefully, in the realization of joy.Happy people like people, they are more careful.A trial, let the other party aware of the slow unfermented little mind.If there is no accident, seal qi and season grow up together.But there is no if, the development of things is always caught off guard, season cold witnessed his mother and seal the father of the family together.Season cold did not tell seal Qi this matter, but also can not pretend as if nothing had happened.Before long, the season the heart cold and seal qi broke up.The time that those separate, think of the thing about seal qi, is unbearable….Feng Qi, when I was 15 years old, you promised me something. Do you still remember?Seal qi eyes micro run, quietly looking at the season of the heart cold: “I said after every year’s birthday, HAVE I accompany you.”Season cold bent down to pick up the bottle hidden under the table, will open the bottle cap.Fireflies are free at last, fluttering in midair with faint starlight.This is seal qi once sent season cold’s heartfelt “star”.Secret base. It’s a tent built by two people.There they dreamed of the future and talked.Until the tent was typhoon days blown bad before the season is keen on there with qi closure together.Love a person, is willing to do anything for each other.Even if you know that the other party has done something wrong and there are many defects in character, you will be angry at that time, and then you will be hopelessly tolerant.How much love is crazy, how much love is wrong, how much struggle.They’ve always been in love, but reality keeps them apart.This is a typical dog.Blood abuse love article, clearly know the plot cliche, amnesia, car accidents and other rotten streets of the bridge a appear, or can not help but be crazy.See little lovely want to see b.E. article, although this article abuse, but H.E., abuse love deep finally get what you want.Real B.E article, wait until after the year to the little lovely arrangements, or try to open a happy New Year ah ~ love you, yao yao da!”When Li SAO” : white clouds and castle peak in twenty years, how many romantic strange “small sugar ball” : the Wolf guard wood, and finally came to the small white rabbit

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