On my fourth day, I ended up running, and I came to complain

Last night I was trying to finish three months.After want to go want to stay say.In the morning, I wanted to quit. In the afternoon, I wanted to quit.In the evening, I feel much better.So I have been indecisive, indecisive, afraid of the neighbors find out that I quit and laugh at me behind my back;I was worried that my parents would be angry and sad.At night, after work, I went to the creek by myself and sat late, resigned to my fate.I’m very sad.I feel terrible.If you don’t do well, you can’t understand, you can’t bear hardships, and you run when you encounter difficulties.To this day, I’m afraid to tell my parents that I quit.Just tell my brother, he always seems to support my decisions.What are you doing tomorrow?I don’t know.I lost my job again.I don’t have a clue.All I could think was that I wanted to find a job that would make me happy, but I didn’t know what would.Resigned to my fate, my heart relaxed a little.But the spirit is not relaxed.I’m under a lot of pressure when I think about work.When I was 26 years old, I had insomnia and was not healthy.Colds more than before, gastroenteritis more, and even got herpes zoster.I had just brushed my teeth and it started bleeding. My teeth have never bled so much.The thought of work, the thought of money, the thought of being forced to date, the thought of the future life seems quite lonely, people began to be bad.

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