Spring Festival I am on duty! Your peace, my adherence…

The Spring Festival, is the rest day of most people is the duty day of most people’s police their Spring Festival is in their own post silently stick to the safety of the county people escort!Traffic police brigade: on duty to ensure smooth, propaganda not vacation, lights, we are guarding.Patrol prevention and control Department: They patrol the streets to deter crimes, protect the safety of the people, and improve their sense of security and happiness.Shide Police Station: Traffic control will be implemented on the roads that cannot be passed due to ice, and the hidden danger of road traffic safety will be eliminated in time to ensure the safety and order of the road traffic under the jurisdiction.Traffic police brigade: fully do a good job in the cold wave rainy weather road traffic safety management guarantee work, to ensure that citizens during the Spring Festival safe and smooth travel.Festival I am in your Spring Festival we guard!

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