The biggest failure of a boss is preaching and reasoning, not pushing everyone with money

This article is excerpted from the official account of Guide Yu, 2788 words in total, and it is expected to take about 9 minutes to read!A lot of companies, when they were young, thought about the opinions of their employees. Your startup is doomed to fail, so you just have to get them to do what they want!Because you’re the smartest person in the company!People who dare to start a business!You see things must be different from everyone, you must firm your idea, let everyone strictly implement, so as to get the results!When your company gets bigger and has a certain number of people, you can’t talk to everyone, you can only talk to people with achievements!This is the point of being a boss, make no mistake about it!Of course, in the company meeting, your senior executives say that the boss is very good, the boss can have such an idea, everyone agrees, no objection, you should be careful!Or, no one will say anything, and watch out!Isn’t it a good thing that everyone agrees?In fact, everyone says yes, or no one says anything, the essence is the same!No one objected, not all of them agreed, probably unwilling to tell the truth, had to obey the leader’s will, which was equivalent to everyone being silent.If a team has only one voice, it’s just that the team is perfunctory and not taking things to heart.Then, you don’t get the real information, you don’t see the real situation.In this case, as a boss, as a leader, your eyes and ears will be blocked, this is the invisible management in the enterprise, thus bringing the enterprise’s decision mistakes, so that the enterprise suffered a significant loss!If encountered such a situation, as a boss, as a manager, how should reflect?First: why is everyone so perfunctory or say nothing, or say good things?All the problems are the boss’s problems, they are the boss’s own cultivation!This, as the boss, want to be clear first!The boss only likes to hear good words and emotions, not results!The boss is also a person, good words who all like to listen to, if you only like to listen to good words, so, the following people will follow your meaning of speech, the following people will become a flatterer, every day pat your ass, and do not want to flatter people?Will be silent, silent!Because when you hear the following people opposed to your opinion, you have been suppressing, so, everyone’s enthusiasm will be knocked off by you, want to speak, also in the mouth not to speak, or choose silence, this is human nature!Of course, there is also a herd mentality, especially to change the wind.For example, in a meeting, if you get all the wrong data and you make a decision based on that wrong data, even if someone knows that the decision is made, it will be fruitless.However, when he sees that the leaders who are bigger than him all say yes and agree with your decision, then he dare not say no and can only echo everyone say yes. If the leaders who are bigger than him do not speak, then he does not speak.That’s why it’s all yes or nothing!From a human point of view, no one wants to be an apple polisher, just because you don’t have the right company atmosphere for everyone to speak up!Tell the truth will be suppressed, more serious will be excluded, so that we dare not tell the truth, distorted human nature!Because everyone wants to climb the ladder, it will cause everyone to take sides for the sake of interests, in order to get more people to support, this is the machiavellian culture of the company, workplace struggle!Draw in a group of people, suppress people who do not identify with themselves, so that it will cause everyone to become gregarious, so as not to find uncomfortable, because it is better to be comfortable, their benefits are better, the loss of the company has nothing to do with him!The most important thing is that there is no culture and values where results are king!What happens if you let someone who has no results speak, it just creates more problems, because the boss likes to hear nice words, because they can get a promotion or a raise, so why work so hard?If results are the final word, if results are linked to interests, will we still talk nonsense?If they make arbitrary decisions, without results, their salaries, bonuses, promotions will be affected, and they will not tell the truth?They will tell the truth even if you kick them in the foot, because your decisions will affect their pockets, and money will make them tell the truth!The enterprise is to create the results of the king of corporate culture and values, must let the results of the rich to flow oil!Let the people who have the results become the benchmark of the company, let the people who have no results roll a little farther!Company culture and values will be clear!Employees are trained by the boss, and are created with interests. Corporate culture and values are consolidated with interests.Otherwise, will only say the enterprise culture, to let everyone work hard, to let everyone attentively, equivalent to empty talk!Even if you put corporate culture and values on the wall and talk about them, they are just empty documents, and no one will care!Corporate culture and values are built with money, so results are king!Results-oriented people attract results-oriented people, so that companies can find more results-oriented people, who are real company talents, so companies would rather take their time and find results-oriented people!Second: How to become a mature boss?We all say good, or we silent, in fact, this is a perfunctory, wise to protect oneself, when the company met such a situation, how should we do?That’s a lot of bosses’ pain!When the company encountered such a situation, then, it will cause instability, we will think, such a company is not worth doing, everyone will be riding a donkey to find a horse, such a company can do big?Can you go far?Can the boss hear the truth when the mood is shaky?Can you hear real customer feedback?Then, the customer experience, customer service is certainly not good, the company will eventually go bankrupt!In order to make the company more talents, we must build up the organizational structure of the company, so as to hold more talents, so that people with results, not perfunctory people to be promoted.If people can be promoted by saying nice things to the boss, saying what the boss likes to hear, and patting the boss or the leader’s ass, then the company will be distorted and deformed!When results are the king of culture and values, managers and employees will naturally learn and improve their working ability and business level in order to obtain results and get promoted. Otherwise, the people behind will surpass you!Will be eliminated!Therefore, in this way, the company and the learning team to build up, the ability of the team will improve as a whole!The results will be bigger, creating a positive cycle for the company to do better and better!Of course, as a boss, to achieve these, we must have a macro vision, a deep business philosophy and business logic, in order to start a systematic operation, to see all aspects of the company.Whether it’s product, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s team, it’s all connected.At this time, we can make the right business decisions, which is also the reason why Director Yu talks about business ideas every day, in order to let the boss have this ability, so as to better control the company.Finally, when the company establishes the results-oriented values and culture, at this time, the company atmosphere will be simple, everyone is focused on the goal, instead of looking at others, and what is the judgment standard of results?First: is the performance good?Second: there is no violation of corporate values, hurt customers and so on!Third: there is no training team members.We look at enterprises from the perspective of people, a lot of things can not be seen, because the standard of looking at people is seen from the perspective of engaging in, in order to see people clearly, in order to have a standard of judgment, in order to measure a person’s actual value through the value of doing things!The boss knows people by the results of everyone, not by the words of one person!Not by sucking up!Of course, the boss should respect talent, set an example, give money is true love, not preaching, not reason, reward who has results, who has no results fired who.In this way, the company will be simple, the company’s fighting culture will not be removed, so that people dare to discuss, will tell the truth, will not be perfunctory.Because telling lies will hurt their own interests, no one will go against their own interests!Only in this way can the team be full of energy, and everyone is like playing chicken!This is the key point for a strong enterprise!I hope that as an entrepreneur, you must use money to promote the whole enterprise, measured by results!In this way, only when employees make money can the enterprise make money!The company makes its employees, and the employees make the company.In this way, you will be free from the specifics of the company and the business will be great!After all, giving money is true love, which is a business concept you must have as a boss!

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