The difference between you and others today is already predetermined

As we walk through school and work, reality wakes us up every now and then.Why is it that my former classmate TA is now a senior manager of a listed company, while I struggle desperately in the position of a small manager?Why am I a frequent visitor to the hospital when I’m 35 and everyone else is in good health?Why others no matter climb a mountain or long-distance travel do not feel hard, and I feel the whole body is sore and uncomfortable however?Why am I so different from everyone else at the same age?In fact, this gap has already been doomed before!After ten years, there is an argument that studying and going to college are useless!You see somebody else boss, did not study still rich!People who read books are working for people who don’t read books!He who says such things is more ignorant than ignorant.Some people may have accumulated a certain amount of wealth without a traditional education, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t learn.On the contrary, they are believed to be more diligent and dedicated to their studies than others.Learning and not learning, the difference is not at hand, but in ten years.A child does not learn a day, with a lovely little face and naive personality, is still lovely;Juvenile a day does not study, with their own cleverness, the exam or can pass;Adults do not learn a day, with their own experience, work or can be reluctantly fudged past…This is the day after day of repetition, when the learning instinct is forgotten, the difference is highlighted.Others in the work, after a variety of departments, each post experience, learn a lot of professional skills and management skills, so promoted salary;Through the continuous accumulation of experience, knowledge update, others job-hopping, are a number of units of choose and employ persons scrambled to hire…People who do not learn always wake up from the dream of “almost” at a certain moment. When they find the gap between them and others, it is very difficult to make up for it.A decade later, at a young age, the gap between running and not running showed up in sports.The students who love running are nothing more than the glory of the class and the love of the students.In youth, the gap between runners and non-runners is reflected in the circle of friends.Runners lead healthy lives, have fewer fair-weather friends, and spend more time exercising with friends, building a future with a partner, and working on a project with colleagues.However, people who do not like running prefer to stay at home alone and watch TV dramas or deal with various social activities.There is no time to concentrate on one thing and do not know how to manage their own body.In middle age, the gap between runners and non-runners shows up in size.Runners eat healthy, follow a regular diet, and have impressive bodies in their 40s. Men are often called “handsome men,” while women are lithe and look more than five years younger than their actual age.People who do not love running because of the indulgence of youth, irregular diet, also do not love exercise, so fat will find.The men are unsightly paunchy, while the women splash out on fat centers in an attempt to banish the flab around their waists and reminisse about their youth.In old age, the gap between running and not running manifests itself in health.People who love running, cardiopulmonary function, respiratory system, joints and so on are relatively healthy, some old men and women even at the age of 70 can participate in a half-horse race effortlessly, the hospital basically only go to the health examination;People who do not run have an increased risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease in old age.In order to lower blood pressure and blood lipids, it is very annoying to take medicine every day. Not to mention taking part in a marathon, even dancing in a square feels breathless.Life is so fair, every step, are deciding the road to go in the future.Whether it is learning or running, it has a great impact on the quality of our life in the future.If you love learning, like running, please stick to it, because you will gain more possibilities;If you’re still living a lazy life, take heart, because your life will be better for it.Running friends, let us live and learn, walk ordinary, run together!

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