These pieces of old China were not thrown in the trash because they still had some intact observability

How many years ago, I am lazy to calculate.That year, I drove to the Capital Cinema, south of Chang ‘an Avenue in Beijing, to see a movie.To the south of the cinema is a construction site with deep holes in the foundation.So I parked my car there.After locking the car door, I saw many people digging in the large pit dug by the excavator excavating the unearthed porcelain fragments.I suddenly felt that digging unearthed China fragments than to see a movie, so I did not go to see the movie, so into the ranks of digging China fragments.To tell you the truth, at that time, there were porcelain fragments everywhere in the earth pit.After accumulating a large pile of China shards, I felt a little hard to carry, so I decided to call it a day.To tell you the truth, when I took the pieces home, I washed them with clean water, and without much appreciation they ended up in a corner and never touched them again.I don’t know how many years later, remembering the porcelain fragments, I poured them out and sorted them according to figures, bottom styles, flowers and other patterns. The ornamental patterns with a certain partial integrity were kept by me, and the rest were thrown into the trash can.I still have hundreds of fragments of porcelain with partially complete ornamental patterns, but I’m no longer in the mood to play with them.

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