What is the art examination?

Art college entrance examination refers to the study of art majors and participate in the general college entrance examination.Art college entrance examination is different from ordinary college entrance examination, which requires not only cultural courses but also art professional courses.So what is the art examination?Next, Harbin Modern Art design school teacher to answer for you in detail, for reference only.One, art art takes an examination of what 1, take an examination of jointly (all take an examination of) most provinces and cities are sketch, colour, sketch, also some provinces and cities can be outside these subjects, add creation, design foundation, originality sketch to wait.Sketch is generally divided into sketch figure and sketch still life, sketch figure is divided into head, half body, whole body;Color is divided into color still life, color scenery and color people, etc.Sketches are generally divided into sketches of characters and landscapes.2. The content of the examination varies from college to college and major. For example, the subjects of the modeling examination in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute are color still life, sketch character head, and proposition character combination.Design test subjects are drawing still life, design basic still life, color still life.The central Academy of Fine Arts modeling examination subjects are proposition creation, sketch, color, sketch;Design kind examination course is modelling foundation and design foundation.2, how much art takes an examination of cent to cross a line 1, different provinces and cities, colleges and universities have different examination subjects, the total score is not the same.Usually, the total score for the art category is 300 points, including 100 points for drawing, 100 points for color, and 100 points for sketch or design.2, the annual joint examination line is adjusted slightly, usually more than 180 points to pass, more than 200 points to calculate general, more than 250 points to calculate excellent, of course, more than 260 points or even more than 270 points also have, but only a few.Harbin Modern Art Design School is a unified enrollment school in the national plan, the unified enrollment code: 6823.The school is a vocational school aiming at cultivating skilled talents in the field of art and design of the city. The school has been identified as the high quality Secondary vocational School of Heilongjiang Province.Heilongjiang Art and Design Professional Talent Education Base;Heilongjiang Province vocational Education Quality Improvement Action Plan designated to undertake colleges;Designated unit of Employment skills training and entrepreneurship training institutions in Harbin;National 1+X certificate system pilot unit.Harbin Modern Art And Design School is located in the center of the beautiful ice city of Harbin, adjacent to Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeast Forestry University and the International Oil Painting Center.Art is an indispensable companion in our life.Entering the world of art, you will go from confusion to richness, from shallow to profound, from impetuous to peace.Welcome the majority of art candidates into the door to success of art!For enquiry, www.68888.cc

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