Blizzard | Chinese poetry translation

Snow storm Tribber Friday morning.Waking from a snowstorm human gear stop between heaven and earth, Greenland’s valiant to white holding sword, vertical and horizontal, this brief, this is their life, roof, cold branches emerged in the landscape of li cheng and suddenly disappeared from the clouds of MiFei larks and squirrels like prophecy where they don’t know, where they are at the moment you and me in my sleep,Silenced by new armor, o traveler, we are separated from one another,Blizzardby Cui BoFriday Morning. Waking up in a blizzard,the world’s gears Grind to a halt.Under the sky,a swordsman from Greenland,shrouded in white, Watches in on us howling and yowling.Whirlwind invasions like this leave an imprint in life — cold branches and frostedroofs as seen in Li Cheng’s portraitsbefore they disappear in clouds, As in Mi Fu’s paintings.Larks and (– the futurists of the land — are nowhere to be seen,wherever they are.You and I are in dreams, tongue-tied with new armor on.Travelers like us, ah, are segregated from one another, watching snow alone, in self isolation.Cui Bai, born in 1984 in Shaanxi province, holds a BACHELOR’s degree and a master’s degree from Tsinghua University and a doctor’s degree from Imperial College London, UK.He studied abroad in 2008 and is now an associate professor in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.He won the fifth Unnamed Poetry Prize.Translated by Duck Yard LyricistsDuck Yard Lyricists is a group of devoted poetry lovers: Meifu Wang, Michael Soper, & Guy Hibbert.This poem is translated and edited by PATHSHARERS BOOKS Duck Yard Lyricists by Ao Fei Wang, second review by Manman, final review by Jin Shi Kai updated at 21st Century Chinese Poetry website

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