Pakistani wife drives 5cm nail into forehead to divorce husband after he threatens to have a daughter

A hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, recently received a case of a woman with a 5cm nail stuck in her head.At the time, the woman told doctors she had accidentally hit the nail, which drove it completely into her forehead.She could not get it out by herself, and several days had passed before she came to the hospital in excruciating pain.The doctors and nurses who were present were shocked to hear her description and see her injuries: she had a nail in her forehead and remained so calm for several days before coming to the hospital.”When the woman came to seek treatment, she was conscious and only complained of severe head pain,” said Dr. Haider Khan of the hospital.At first the medical staff thought it was just a small nail, but when they saw the X-ray, they were shocked.The nail was five centimetres long and had been completely inserted into her skull, within a hair’s breadth of her brain.We’re lucky we didn’t damage our brains.But when the doctor looked at the Angle and position of the nail, he decided it didn’t look like it was an accident. It wasn’t as simple as she said.When challenged, the injured woman immediately changed her story and said she had nailed it herself.But after much questioning, she finally told the truth — the nail in her head had been nailed by a wizard.In order to give birth to a son, she had listened to a sorcerer’s formula: to drive a nail into her head to ensure that she would have a son.Hospital staff said the woman, already the mother of three daughters, was pregnant again, according to local media reports.But her husband threatened to leave if she gave birth to a daughter again.She found out the baby was a girl during her prenatal exam.”She was three months pregnant, afraid of being abandoned by her husband, so she went to a wizard for help.”She had heard from a neighbor about a wizard who could help her and guarantee a son.So she had no choice but to gamble and contact the wizard.In order to have a son and not be abandoned by her husband, even if the wizard said to hammer a nail into her forehead, she was willing to cooperate.A few days later, she couldn’t stand the pain in her head and tried to pull the nail out, but it was too deep and she had no choice but to go to the hospital.And luckily she went to the hospital. If she had forced the nail out herself, she could have suffered a life-threatening haemorrhage or brain bleed.As soon as the paramedics removed the nail from her head, she left the hospital in a hurry.The doctors did not call the police until they saw the grisly X-ray, which was circulated on the Internet.Peshawar’s police chief, Abbas Ahsan, wrote in a tweet on Tuesday that a special investigation team had been set up.”They want to bring to justice fake doctors who played with the lives of innocent women and put nails in their heads promising them boys.”Police spent several days questioning staff at the hospital and trying to identify the woman through surveillance video, which could lead them to the evil wizard.The woman has been found and legal action will be taken against the witch.Shamans, or healers of faith as they are known locally, are common in some parts of Pakistan, especially in the tribal areas of the northwest.Taking advantage of people’s desire to have sons, they go around cheating.They are generally based on sufi theory, a branch of Islam, but their activities are banned in many Islamic schools.And in poverty, thought relatively backward areas in Pakistan, people usually think that boys more than girls can offer better for their future economic security for a long time, for example, they may think born son can pass, instead of a daughter to prepare a dowry, distributing married nor the home, these stale ideas constantly aggravate the phenomenon of local preference.Some prospective parents will go to the hospital to check the sex of their baby and have an abortion if it is found to be a girl, or they will abandon the baby if it is found to be a girl at birth.There was also a horrific family tragedy in Pakistan in 2015 when a father brutally murdered his three young daughters after the birth of his only son because he didn’t want to waste any money on them.Irshad Ahmed and Shabana Naz turned out to be a couple who lived in a small town about 217 kilometers northwest of Lahore.Since the couple married, Shabana has been constantly promoted by her in-laws and husband, who have always wanted her to have a son.But she had four daughters before welcoming their only son.They thought they could get on with their life after finally having a son, but her husband started complaining about having too many daughters.One day in 2015, he managed to get Shabana away so she could take their son to a wedding.She only left for a few hours, only to return home to find herself separated from her three daughters.In her absence, the husband strangled three of their young daughters, seven-year-old twins Chashman and Aman, and five-year-old Fiza.Shabana revealed that her husband had wanted to kill their daughter. ‘He always thought she was worth nothing, and what’s worse, he threatened to kill her before.'”He said, ‘I don’t want to educate them and I don’t want to waste a penny on raising them.My only son is my hope for the future, and one day I will solve these four problems [referring to their four daughters].”She added: ‘My husband never gave my daughter pocket money when the children were at school.All their school fees, uniforms and books were paid for by my parents.”Shabana says things have gotten worse since the birth of her youngest daughter.”He always said we would all starve to death because we have four daughters and their education and dowries for their future marriages are a big expense.”Before the tragedy, she had appealed to her mother-in-law, her husband’s mother, saying that he wanted to kill their daughter, but she always told her not to worry, that he was just joking.As a result, this avoidable tragedy happened and three precious lives were lost.How long will it take for the nail to be completely pulled out of the ingrained preference for sons?

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