“Four seas” in Liu Hao-Cun is really sweet first love, dress pure but not soil, Han Han really will choose female

Hello, everyone, I am BIU fashion, happy to share with you again star fashion and matching tips!I hope my article makes you more interested in fashion, so that you, who are good-looking, are more charming!Every time during the Spring Festival, one of the most important projects is to go to the cinema and watch the New Year movies. Of course, this year is no exception. In the New Year season, there are many good movies, and the image of many actresses in the movies is very consistent with the positioning of the movies.So this time together to see a little, the New Year file in the movie “universal” clothing modeling, in the movie liu Haocun clothing modeling although there are not so many highlights, but fortunately, a lot of clothing modeling is more popular, looking more simple.In “four seas” clothing modelling 1: equipment collocation in choosing a dress collocation, actually the most important is to choose according to the occasion, in order to make their own fashion image become more have the effect of a little girl, then when choosing clothing and use some simple and also very representative clothing modelling.In the movie, Liu Haocun chose to use the white shirt to match his own, such a clothing style, is also a lot of girls in some just entered the workplace as a common kind of clothing collocation style, in the choice of white shirt, with the board is a straight fashion clothing style.And such clothing collocation, itself is not much different, but also need some pure feeling as support, so as to make their own fashion more beautiful, in addition to the white shirt with red work clothes to match yourself.Simple costume modeling, but it is also a bit more scene-stealing, plus a pair of jeans pants, itself such a costume modeling, there is a very daily feeling, so there is no much to say.Such clothing itself, in ordinary life is more common, so the sense of substitution is relatively strong.2: job match and at the time of a job, choose clothing modelling is very literature and art, so when choosing clothes, the modelling of shirt is recommended, it is recommended to choose shirt, using pure color fashion effect, in order to make your own shirt style is tie-in, seems not so dull, so the match again.Use some color shirt to match their own, and in the lower body of the fashion collocation choice, it is recommended to use the fashion style of the upper half skirt to match their own, so that it can make their own fashion collocation become more gentle.It is suggested that when choosing a skirt, use some loose fashion modeling to match yourself, so that you can make your fashion more suitable for pure yourself, which is also in the collocation of modeling, a very recommended fashion ornament.3: daily collocation in the usual good say of work, choice of clothing modelling will be a little bit more along with the gender, and dress collocation is to with comfortable give priority to, this is also when collocation model, one of the more important fashion collocation technique, when choosing daily clothing, use some t-shirts or some of the more popular fleece modelling are good match.In order to make their fashion look not so dull, then in the collocation, use some decorative patterns, so that the clothing modeling becomes more distinctive, which is also a fashion modeling for girls, many characteristics, and in the collocation of modeling.It is suggested to use some characteristic dresses for decoration. When matching and choosing, it is suggested to use some bright fashion colors, so that their fashion will look more not so mediocre, but also make their fashion more distinctive.Well, that’s it for this episode.Remember to follow BIU Fashion for more fashion matching tips.If you have more on this episode, feel free to share with BiU Fashion in the comments section.Don’t forget to like and bookmark this episode if it gives you some practical inspiration and we’ll see you next time.

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