Unearth the underlying logic of violence that still works in 2022

Happy New Year to you all!I’m going to talk to you today about precise drainage.A lot of people will buy all kinds of software for flow, first of all, this kind of practice is never desirable, it is likely to let you lose the wife and fold soldiers.What I am going to talk about is the low-level logic of long line accurate drainage. You understand it and go to play it seriously.It will snowball your precise contacts.Therefore, we directly focus on precise drainage, which can be divided into three major parts: 1️ finding target customer group 2️ retail output of high quality content (increasing exposure)3️ giveaways and drainage to private domain.Let’s start with point one: “Find your target audience,” which is your customer profile.For example, if you make skin care products, then your target audience is the age group with skin problems may be between 18 and 38.Think about what platforms they tend to be active on, what kinds of knowledge they’re interested in.Step 2: “Deliver quality content.” Give them quality solutions to the problems they need to solve.For example, they tend to have problems with bad skin.You give the solution to the problem.Continuously output your content in this direction.Some people might say, what if I don’t have enough content to output?Now this information explosion era, you go to some other platforms, search the relevant knowledge, will come out a bunch of topics for your reference.That in your continuous output process, will certainly accumulate a part of the fans, this time how to turn her into our private domain traffic is the third point. “Link to my private domain for you what good”.This is the time to find you in the area of what you have done, you have to give a gift to the other person.The gift I would recommend is a well-informed document.Combine it with the field you do.For example, if you are in the skin care business, this could be a document like “100 Daily Tips for Great Skin”.It’s what your target audience needs.So you’ll see that it’s a consistent line of thought from the fish pond to the private domain.Will make a lot of people unknowingly want to link with you, and this kind of person to delete your probability is also extremely low.That’s what we want. What we want to do is to make people want to come to us, not just to add others.Play it this way, and trust me, your contacts will snowball.But finally, we do not neglect a point, is to manage your friends ⭕.Drainage and friends ⭕, must be complementary to each other.A good circle, will help you cash.If you need to send a group message to your friends, you can use the group tool to do it with one key, such as “qunfa worry free”, “handheld worry free” and other apps.This should be set up after the message is sent automatically with a friend’s “nickname”.Ordinary young people also can young people with the help of these young people tools young people bring their own young people circle of friends young people like young people young people automatically young people add friends young people young people.Support in wechat, QQ, SMS group.Focus on micro-marketing, and we’ll see you next time # micro-marketing

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