Welcome to gaC Trumpchi M8 4-seat royal Edition glory edition

In terms of appearance, this car adopts the nose design of the master model, and has matrix LED light source lamp, creating a strong aura. The most important thing is that this car adopts the body coating similar to Maybach, the upper part is silver, the lower part is black.Perhaps also by such coating to show the car is relatively high-end model positioning.M8 Master version, 4 seat version, double color body, the front face adopts the master version of the car’s nose design central console central control screen and dashboard, using up and down structure, so that the main driver and passenger seat can be clear at a glance.Big boss chair This chair has to be said to be really luxurious, big and stable, packaging is particularly good, the person is like being wrapped in the same, but the leather chair cover will not suffocate.Luxury and spacious rear space is completely independent of the rear cabin, the entire rear cabin is equipped with only two separate aviation seats, if the appearance of the change is nothing special, then the design of the car is completely revolutionized.The combination of beige and black in the front row can show taste and style in comfort. The door panel, the center console and the seats are covered with diamond-shaped stitched perforated leather, bringing a luxurious atmosphere.The rear cabin is completely separate, with only two separate aircraft seats and leather and wood grain finishes around it.In front of the seat is an LCD TV, so to speak, and in front is a long LCD screen that displays vehicle information, status and multimedia controls.There is also an LCD screen between the two seats to adjust the rear cabin lights, appliances and seats, and a wireless charging pad at the rear.At night, the starry roof can take on a sci-fi look, and there are special designs on the skylight to enhance the visual effect of the starry roof.While no powertrain information has been released, it is likely that the trumpchi M8 will continue to use the same powertrain as the Trumpchi M8. The 2.0-t turbo Z has a power of 185 kW and a peak torque of 390 N · m. The transmission is matched with an 8-speed manual transmission.The LCD TV, the long LCD screen on the bottom and the starry roof on the inside of the car which gives a very science fiction effect it’s very beautiful

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