Xiangxiang: old residential “new look” “upgrade” residents happiness

Perfecting the infrastructure of the old community is a major livelihood project to improve the living conditions of residents and enhance the image of the city.In 2021, Xiangxiang city to “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities as a starting point, accelerate the transformation of the old community, adhere to the “inside” and “face” equal emphasis, changed the new look of the community, changed the new life of the masses.Located in Wangchunmen street, the forestry Bureau family Courtyard was built in the 1980s, with three units and more than 30 households.Due to the early construction time, the community building mottled damage, serious roof leakage, uneven road surface, the lack of fire facilities and other prominent problems, residents of the community to reform the voice strong.”In the past, there was garbage piled up at the gate of the community, the gutter was stinking, the temperature was high in summer, and mosquitoes and flies flew everywhere.””Resident Peng Shefei recalled.In 2021, five communities in Xichi area of Wangchunmen Street were included in the old community transformation plan, and the Forestry Bureau family courtyard also opened the road of “beauty”.Through the reform of sewage system, pipe network system, installation of fire protection system, road repair, wall painting and so on, the appearance of the community has taken on a new look.Today, the road surface of the forestry Bureau family courtyard is flat and clean, the vehicles are parked orderly, and two or three citizens have a rest and entertainment in the pavilion, and the comfort level and satisfaction level of the people’s living are greatly improved.The number of “elderly residents” in the old community is large, and it is more and more inconvenient to go up and down the floor.Walk into courtyard of traffic bureau family member, a brand-new outside hang type elevator conspicuous all the more, the exterior of dark blue coating glass shows modern breath completely.Ding Quanyun, a resident of the community, told reporters that the community was built in the early 1990s and has six floors.In recent years, residents of the community have moved to live in elevator rooms, he also thought about it.At the beginning of 2021, he and the other 11 residents of the unit submitted an application for adding elevators to the relevant departments after consultation when he learned that the city was fully expanding the installation of elevators in multi-storey residential buildings.”The 12 households reached an agreement in less than a week. Now that the elevator is installed, it is much more convenient to go up and down the stairs. There is no need to think about buying an elevator room.Ding Quanyun said happily.There are elevators for the upper and lower floors, special places for leisure activities, and fully equipped fire fighting facilities…A series of new changes, so that the old community residents feel the butterflies in the community environment.In 2021, xiangxiang city renovated 17 old residential areas, benefiting 1,644 households, and installed 41 elevators, creating a happy new life that the masses are satisfied with.”In 2022, we will focus on improving the basic functions of communities, give priority to safety, address weaknesses in the living environment, and strive to build safe, convenient, green, clean and orderly communities.”Xiangxiang city housing bureau party committee member, deputy director Peng Qingsong said.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original

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