The Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau has taken multiple measures to strengthen the market epidemic prevention and control network

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the “iron army” of market supervision in Taishan District has been acting on the orders, charging forward and fighting the epidemic prevention and control front line in farmers’ markets, supermarkets, pharmacies, cold chain food operation places, isolation points and so on, giving up small homes for everyone and fighting the epidemic side by side with the people of the whole district!”Taishan market supervision iron Army is the sharp knife troops in the battle of epidemic prevention and control in Taishan District, our market supervisors should interpret loyalty with action, take on the guardian side, and win the battle with an ‘iron fist’!”Taishan district market supervision bureau director Gao Lei issued mobilization order at the office meeting.Fighting “epidemic” field, they not only did not fall behind, but retrograde rushed in front.On a busy day at 4am, the Market Regulator inspects the wholesale vegetable market prices.At 6 o ‘clock, check the operation of “quick inspection” of vegetables;At 8:00, relevant staff continued to handle the case, other staff went to the area of the farmers market inspection, and guide the work of the annual report;At 10:00, special examinations of nucleic acid detection reagents and antigen reagents are carried out;At 11:00, guide the brand building of enterprises in the jurisdiction and non-public Party building;At 12 o ‘clock, put up warning signs for merchants and inquire about commodity prices;At 14:00, the community elevator inspection;15, rushed to the supermarket, check the price of grain and oil materials, supervise supermarkets to implement the import of cold chain, non-cold chain related provisions;16, began to supervise the area of food production enterprises, catering units, restaurants to ensure food safety;At 17:00, the relevant staff stay in the office to work overtime to sort out the work;At 20:00, farmers’ markets were organized for elimination at night;At 21 o ‘clock, the director of the market supervision to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work isolation point of the “iron Army fighters” epidemic situation, ordered!Taishan District Market supervision bureau 6 party members and cadres rushed to the isolation point without hesitation, opened the fully closed working mode.They are divided into four groups, respectively responsible for the isolation point security, disinfection, life services, information liaison and other work.We are on standby 24 hours a day to provide full service to quarantined personnel and front-line medical staff.With their practical actions, they have demonstrated their responsibility and responsibility as the “Iron Army of Market supervision in Taishan”, and let the Party flag fly high on the front line of the epidemic.Taishan district market staff guide takeout riders to register information.(LuPing for figure) guardian “security” on the tip of the tongue tai shan district market supervision bureau staff in the first place of the cold-chain food production and operation, use, storage unit to a baseline, in business over, the farmer’s market, third-party refrigerator cold-chain food cold-chain food concentrated area such as propaganda management regulations, urging cold-chain food production and business operation entity shall regulate the use of “cold chain” of shandong system,Form a complete traceability chain, and contact the person in charge of Meituan Takeout and Ele. me takeout platform in the first time, further explore the site setting and rider information of the outbound riders, find out the bottom number, establish dynamic management ledger, and ensure the safety of the “last mile” of catering distribution.From food production and distribution to catering, food supervisors work carefully to protect people’s “bite safety” in an all-round way.At 6 o ‘clock, it was still dawn, and uniformed market supervisors were already at the gate of the farmers’ market, supervising business owners and consumers to wear masks and take temperature measurements.”Elder brother, you have come five or six times, you can rest assured that we fully implement epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the requirements of the government.”Mr. Wang, who sells seafood in the market, said to the staff.”Wear masks well, the market can not be taken lightly”, “you must pay attention to good protection on the way back and forth”, in the market to check the use of the cold chain system, the staff always do not forget to repeatedly told the operator to do their own protection and safety.Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau has 9 farmers’ markets and 20 rural fairs in its jurisdiction. Since the outbreak began, the staff of Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau has asked each stall every day, urging them to do a good job in “all inspections” and food safety work.Drugstores are an important link in the battle against the epidemic that concerns people’s livelihood and epidemic prevention. In order to guard the “sentinel”, staff of the Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau travel to and from 434 drugstores in their area every day.They have put into practice the concept of “people’s drug supervision for the people”, continuously supervised and inspected the implementation of epidemic prevention measures in pharmacies, fully played the role of pharmacies as “sentinel points”, and firmly built a barrier for epidemic prevention and control.In recent days, the Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau has taken various measures to ensure stable prices and ensure people’s basic living needs during the epidemic.The Tai’an City released on March 26, tai shan district market supervision and administration on epidemic prevention and control during the maintenance of normal market price order notice “, to have the behavior phenomenon of abnormal fluctuations in the price, for the first time the inspection on epidemic prevention and control during the fabricating and spreading price information, hoarding, bid up the price, not plain code marks a price, and so on illegal pricing ACTS outcrop dozen, form the regulatory pressure situation,All-out efforts will be made to maintain market price order during epidemic prevention and control.Up to now, 2,150 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect more than 1,100 business entities, and more than 1,200 letters have been issued to remind and warn 630 business entities.In recent days, volunteers from the Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau have actively participated in the epidemic prevention and control work in the community.”Community epidemic prevention is thanks to the help of the district Market Supervision Bureau, which also set up points, registration, guidance, elimination and publicity, and also sent us 1,000 medical masks. Give you a thumbs up.”Exchequer street Wangzhuang community secretary Zhang Ning said.One by one, one by one, one by one, one by one.Market watchdogs are busy everywhere.In this special period, all the staff of Taishan District Market Supervision Bureau keep in mind the original mission, and work together with everyone to overcome this difficult time.(Correspondent Lu Ping Sun Ningliang)

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