160,000 yuan a month too little, deliberately lose Vietnam?Football association to launch investigation, fan: These two must be investigated

In the 3-1 defeat to The Vietnamese men’s football team, Fan Zhiyi angrily ridiculed losing to Vietnam and then losing to Myanmar. Although he was angry, he just wanted to say that this was the lower limit of the National football team. To his surprise, Fan Zhiyi’s ridicule came true.National soccer team lost to Vietnam, men did not have the face, not only will their jobs broke, shame to lose, let the fa cuts to come more violent, according to media reports, after the loss, Chen dock once said of the new season of soccer players is paid before 2 million, the actual hand monthly salary is about 90000, but these for winning or losing doesn’t care about people,As for wages, the proposal was rejected.After that, the football association official notification club next season player is paid before 3 million, the actual to around 2 million, this also means that men reached $160000 a month, this standard corresponding to their level is not low, but with men’s soccer players come out against soon, even said it paid to feed their families, under the protests of soccer players,Sixteen clubs could only stand up and object, but this time the opposition was null and void, and the men’s football team’s salary limit of 3 million yuan was inevitable.The monthly salary of 160,000 is too little, the men’s football team is still caring about money, but they are in big trouble, according to the previous football newspaper Li Xuan reported that the men’s football team lost to Vietnam, because some of the team did not want to win Vietnam.The comment, which also implied that Chinese players were making money by deliberately losing, quickly sparked heated discussion among fans.According to the latest media reports, the football association has launched an investigation into the men’s football team, and will punish the players if they are found to have deliberately lost to Vietnam to make money.Indeed, if taking the jersey of the national team is making money, taking responsibility to make money, it is indeed a need to be severely punished.Who could it be?Fans also become a detective, first of all, naturalized players can be ruled out.Secondly, players such as Wang Gang, Zhang Yuning, Chi Zhongguo and Wei Shihao who have less playing time or less than their ideas can also be excluded, because their energy is not enough to affect the game.This also narrowed the scope to Wu Xi, Wang Stanley Chao, Yan Junling, Wu Lei, Xu Xin and other people, who will be this person?Maybe this is nonsense, because as far as the game is concerned, Vietnam men’s football team is much better than us.But now that want to investigate, fans are called on to appear in the game Wu Xi from the ball, a three lost the ball in the game and have a direct relationship, even Vietnam third goal, or his direct throw Wang Shen super scrutiny, indeed, that there is a conclusion, for the players and the fans are the best replacement, we also look forward to the final results.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete

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