A British man became confused after he found a cooked lobster still twitching

Adrian Shann, 32, from Hull, UK, has been eating lobster live on Facebook.After cooking the whole lobster in a large pot and tucking into it, Shane was shocked when the animal went into convulsions, believing it was’ haunted by its spirit ‘.Sean, who said he had never eaten lobster before, launched an online challenge to eat it live.”I had never eaten lobster before and was really curious to try it.This has been cooked for 20 minutes. It’s done.”Sean, struggling to cut the claws with scissors, said: ‘I paid £13 for this one and it should be cooked through.’But while Shane was triumphantly explaining, the lobster, which he thought was already cooked, twitched a few times on the plate. He was just trying to talk, and Shane didn’t notice.Later, When Sean looked back over his lobster meal, he realized that the lobster had been twitching on the plate.”When he twitched, I was stunned.Totally unaware that this thing was still moving. Is it still alive?But seafood is meant to be fresh, and I kept asking myself, I’ve already eaten it, what else is wrong?”Sean described how he had been unable to get over the fact that the lobster he had bought from the supermarket was cooked to pieces and that it was still moving when he ate it.”I really felt sick. If it had been cooked, it would have been dead, but how could it have moved?Family and friends said it was weird, but to me it was the weirdest thing.I ate it!Will its’ spirit ‘always follow me?That’s scary. I don’t want to eat lobster again in my life.”

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