Battalion of Yingkou Fire Protection coastal Industrial Base inspects and guides fire safety of inflammable and explosive units

In order to strengthen the fire safety of inflammable and explosive places, improve the ability of fire self-prevention and self-rescue and emergency disposal of units, prevent and curb the occurrence of fire accidents, recently, the coastal industrial base brigade carried out fire safety inspection of inflammable and explosive places under its jurisdiction.The brigade, adhering to the work concept of “not losing a family, not missing a place”, focused on checking whether each unit has established fire safety system, fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan.Whether the use of fire and electricity conforms to relevant safety regulations;Whether fire fighting facilities and equipment are in good condition and effective and maintained;Whether fire spacing and fire safety layout meet the requirements;The laying of electrical lines and the selection of electrical equipment and facilities meet the requirements of fire prevention;Whether there is an illegal ban on smoking and the use of open flame;Disinfection use of alcohol management;Illegal operation and other problems, detailed inquiry units fire safety responsibility system implementation, fire safety prevention measures, fire safety “four capabilities” construction and other situations.Brigade put forward requirements to the unit: one is to improve the ideological understanding, strengthen the unit internal fire hidden trouble self-examination, resolutely prevent and curb the occurrence of fire accidents;Second, serious maintenance of fire equipment, fire facilities, do a good job of emergency and emergency support work;The third is to strengthen the enterprise staff fire safety common sense training work, effectively improve the staff fire safety awareness, enhance the fire escape ability.Through the inspection, the area of inflammable and explosive places pay more attention to fire safety work, improve the level of fire safety management of each unit, urged the unit to eliminate a number of potential fire hazards in time, the safety hazards eliminated in the bud.

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