Putin fumed: We were “fooled”!

“Today we look at where NATO has expanded: Poland, Romania, the three Baltic states.They say one thing, they do another.As people in my country say, [we] have been ‘fooled’ and taken in.”That’s what Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent press conference, in which he made clear his criticism of NATO’s eastward expansion that has broken previous commitments.As we all know, the situation in Eastern Europe is very tense. Around the Ukraine issue, NATO, the United States, Russia, the European Union and other parties are playing games. The situation is still not clear at present.From Russia’s point of view, it does have plenty of reason to worry.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO, dominated by the United States, has expanded to Ukraine, on Russia’s doorstep.Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the United States has withdrawn from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. Without the restrictions of the Treaty, the United States has deployed anti-missile devices in many places around the world, especially in the sensitive areas of Europe, and is getting closer to Russia’s doorstep step by step.There now seems to be even more reason for the US to engage in Ukraine.In the past two years, under the severe impact of the epidemic, the US economy has faced great problems and the domestic people are angry. In order to stimulate the economy, the US has printed a large amount of money, which has greatly pushed up the inflation level at home and even around the world. Such soaring inflation is having an increasingly negative impact on the US.The United States needed to find an outlet to drain the money it had been printing in large quantities, and war was often used as a means of reshoring.Because when a war breaks out, it means a lot of material consumption, a lot of money is fully operational, and that’s a good thing for the United States.So for now, the United States is one of the driving forces behind the tension in eastern Europe, Russia doesn’t want a war on its own doorstep, and the two main members of the European Union, Germany and France, have very different ideas.Germany is more pragmatic and probably wants stability, which is a good thing for Germany, which is growing faster economically.But Germany, as a fascist country in World War II, had little say in military matters, and the United States had the final say.France, which in recent years has sought to increase Europe’s military independence and reduce American influence, may also want to use Ukraine as an opportunity to strengthen the EU’s military capabilities.From this point of view, Russia is indeed in a somewhat passive position.

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