Telecommuting survey report 2022 released: More than 70% of respondents do not reject telecommuting

Recently, T-Ask, the research platform of Tencent Research Institute, released the “2022 T-ASK Telecommuting Survey” report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), and held the “Telecommuting Discussion” online seminar to discuss the real development of telecommuting, in order to explore the future road of telecommuting development.According to introduction, T-Ask research report from telecommuting crowd portrait, basic situation, application tools, practical experience, attitudes and future trends and other aspects of research.The results showed that more than 69 percent of respondents said they had telecommuted, mostly because of prevention and control policies since the outbreak.”Not having to commute” was cited by most people (70.6 percent) as a positive factor for telecommuting.”Telecommuting environment is more free and comfortable” and “working hours are more flexible and can be arranged reasonably” were also cited by many.According to the survey results, more than 70% of the respondents do not reject telecommuting, and 39.9% of the respondents think telecommuting is the trend of The Times.However, many agreed that telecommuting has many problems, such as “blurred boundaries between work and life”, “poor communication with colleagues” and “poor self-management and waste of time”.The existence of these problems put forward higher requirements for corporate management system and individual self-management ability.Yang Jian, vice president of Tencent and general consultant of Tencent Research Institute, said in his opening speech that telecommuting may be one of the directions of future telecommuting because of the lack of “presence” in the current communication compared with on-site office.In addition, Yang Jian thinks that telecommuting is not achieved overnight, we should first pay attention to whether the underlying conditions have developed mature, and then discuss whether telecommuting is the future of the work system.Yang Jian also talked about the present remote office supporting measures including office space design, office tools are still very short, and the future of office space design, work system, production process and structure, will have earth-shaking changes, but also will inevitably bring new opportunities.Li Zhifeng, vice president of Tencent enterprise wechat and head of ecological cooperation, said that the origin of enterprise wechat is what the real needs of enterprises are.We found that enterprise telecommuting needs ranged from internal telecommuting to external customer connection.Enterprise wechat can first solve the enterprise internal staff collaboration, version 4.0 integration of Tencent documents, Tencent conference, three efficiency tools integration, can make telecommuting more smooth.In this regard, Yang Jian pointed out that telecommuting is not just a simple change of workplace, but means a comprehensive change of work paradigm, which requires a timely change of concept and actively promote the exploration of application level and work system level.

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