Xihua University won the honor of 2021 provincial advanced Unit of education statistics

Recently, the Department of Education of Sichuan Province issued the notice of The Department of Education of Sichuan Province on The Recognition of advanced Units and Individuals in the statistical Work of Education in the province in 2021 (Sichuan Jiaohan [2022] No. 28), to commend the collective and individuals who have made positive contributions to the reform and development of education in the province.Xihua University was named “Advanced Unit”, and statisticians Zhao Gaoquan and Zhang Ji of Xihua University were named “Advanced Individual”.2021 is the year of major reform of the national statistical system of education, and the first year of comprehensive network direct reporting. In the face of the new statistical information system, the statistical front of education in the whole province conscientiously studied and fulfilled their duties, successfully completed various work, and made positive contributions to the reform and development of education.In order to praise the advanced, set up a model, encourage the educational cause statistics front to compete for progress, work hard, enhance the sense of honor, responsibility and mission of the educational cause statistics work, The Education department of Sichuan province decided to praise 35 advanced collectives and 37 advanced individuals in the province.In recent years, the school attaches great importance to the education of statistical work, conscientiously implement the Ministry of Education promulgated the provisions on the administration of education statistics and the rules of the superior, established the party secretary and the principal as a team leader, business department head for members of the school education statistics work leading group, issued revised measures for the management of the statistical work of xihua university (revised).It further clarified the centralized management departments and statistical responsibilities of school data, attached importance to the training of school statisticians, and constantly strengthened and improved educational statistics.In the future, the school will earnestly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, further standardize the management system of education statistics, constantly improve the quality of education statistics data and service level of school reform and development, and provide high-quality data statistics guarantee for school development planning.(Zhao Gaoquan)

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