Analysis of alkaline battery nanfu market competitiveness

With the improvement of battery technology, battery types in the market are more and more diversified, and rechargeable batteries are gradually popularized. Even in the case of such intense market competition, alkaline batteries still maintain a high market proportion, among which, The sales volume of Nanfu batteries is the leader in the industry.To understand the reason why alkaline battery nanfu is widely used, we should first understand the characteristics and advantages of alkaline battery.Alkaline battery is a kind of battery with a long development history. Alkaline battery existed in 1949. Different from rechargeable battery that can be used twice, alkaline battery is disposable battery, so its advantages and disadvantages are obvious.Because they don’t need to be recharged, they are easy to use, available from a wider range of sources and much cheaper than rechargeable batteries.Disadvantages and advantages go hand in hand. While it’s easy to use because it doesn’t require a charge, it’s also not as durable as a rechargeable battery.In addition, alkaline batteries are also criticized for the existence of leakage problems, resulting in damage to electrical appliances, causing safety risks.This was true in the early days of battery technology, but many alkaline batteries have overcome this problem.For example, Nanfu shaped energy ring 3 generation, from production design to technology and other aspects, using anti-aging new sealing ring, anti-corrosion nickel plating steel shell, upgrade production process and upgrade leak-proof formula, these four leak-proof measures to ensure the safety of alkaline battery.In addition to improve the leakage problem, alkaline batteries on the durability, environmental protection also have very big breakthrough, now on TV or in the air conditioning remote controls and other small appliances in a two alkaline batteries, basic can be used for a year or two, even use high frequency electric toy, change cycle is much higher than before, the use of consumer experience has made great improvement.In terms of environmental protection, Nanfu battery does not add mercury, cadmium, lead and other harmful heavy metals to achieve real environmental protection, can be directly put into dry garbage after use, and durable use is also a kind of environmental protection.From the perspective of convenience, safety, durability and environmental protection, alkaline batteries still have great advantages. Although there are shortcomings, generally speaking, the defects do not overshadow the advantages, and they are suitable for many daily use scenarios.

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