How much is the cost of studying abroad master in England? This article takes you to clear it up

It is very difficult for international students to go to the UK for postgraduate study.In addition to the high standard of entry requirements, the cost of studying in the UK is not low.Quickly and cloud education group xiaobian together with the UK master of a year to study abroad costs it.Tuition fees for pre-master and pre-Master courses are about the same as those for pre-undergraduate courses, around £10,000 a year.Master cost is not very big with undergraduate course gap, the average higher around £2000-3000, but only a year can be completed, very cost-effective.Average annual tuition fees range from £12,000 to £24,000, except for some business, media and medical courses.An MBA typically costs between £35,000 and £45,000. For example, a one-year MBA at Warwick Business School costs £40,450 (official website).A year and a half at Manchester Business School costs £44,000, but scholarships are available (official website).Living Expenses According to official figures from the NUS, the average annual living cost for students in England is £12,180, with most students spending at least £150 a month on daily necessities and food.It costs about £1,350 a year.If you go to school and live in London, the same groceries and food would cost £15,180 a year.The price of London is really too high, if you do not buy their own food cooking, sharing with others, the monthly food and daily expenses are far more than £150.Accommodation Accommodation is another big expense that needs to be paid in addition to tuition.If you live in a remote or rural area, the cost will be lower.If it’s a big city like London, accommodation is very expensive.The average student rents in London are as high as £700 a month, while in remote areas such as Belfast the average is more than £100 a month below the national average.London, Glasgow and Newcastle have the Underground. Buses and trains are the main sources of transport.London’s Oyster Card, for example, can be used on the Tube, buses, trams, DLR (London Docklands Light Rail) and trains in London’s 1-9 boroughs.Once enrolled, you can also apply for an Oyster Student Card and a 16-25 Student Rail Way Card. You can save a lot of money by taking the train.British universities offer scholarships of between £1,000 and £3,000 a year to students who are accepted for admission and who apply for scholarships.These scholarships are generally available in large numbers and are easy to apply for, and many universities automatically award them to students who have received offers, such as uEA’s non-business programmes.Chinese students are encouraged to apply for such scholarships.Lump-sum tuition fee discounts allow students to pay tuition fees in three main ways: lump-sum payment, instalment payment and monthly payment.British universities typically offer discounts of 2-5% on tuition fees to encourage students to pay a lump sum when they enroll.Generally speaking, Chinese students are able to prepare tuition fees and living expenses before they leave China, so it is feasible to pay tuition fees in one lump sum.Although it is said that the main purpose of studying abroad is to study, you should not ignore what is happening outside the window.On the premise of dealing with the problem of study, it is suggested that students can do some part-time jobs appropriately.Like most foreign countries, The UK allows foreign students to work 20 hours a week on weekdays and 40 hours a week on holidays.Through part-time jobs, students can learn more about British culture, customs and social conditions, which will help broaden their horizons and accumulate rich overseas work experience.In October 2021, school application will be confirmed for their major and school. Prepare transcripts, certificates, diplomas and other materials. Prepare documents (CV PS RL), arrange IELTS and other relevant language tests.Standard language had better results when applying for some schools to participate in relevant internship will be in July and August are opened ahead of time to apply for the channel, and generally in October 9 – all university application channel is opened, so let’s focus on school and for the first time to upload the application materials (including the personal statement, resume, two letters of recommendation, etc., the above materials need to file in English).Note: The online application requires electronic materials, so scan the electronic materials after preparing the paper materials.If the ielts score is not achieved, continue to prepare for the IELTS test. Wait patiently for 4-8 weeks to submit supplementary materials as required by the school (if any). Strive to improve or maintain an average score (current students).Admission offers or rejection letters will be sent to the first batch of students who have already submitted their applications, 4 to 8 weeks after confirming that the institution has submitted their applications by December 2021 or before the school deadline.In December & before the school deadline, confirm whether to accept the school or not. Failure to accept the school will be regarded as giving up the school;If accepted, it is usually required to pay the deposit required by the school, which is commonly referred to as the retention fee.Note: After January of the following year, UK universities will make further offers to students during this period.At the same time, the partial major of partial university is quota still.The IELTS test is actually throughout the study abroad preparation, so we have given the period between now and July 2022.We’re here to sort out the timeline for ielts.1. Best time: When you submit your application, you will have an IELTS score that meets or is above the entrance requirement.2. Safe time — Language class time: The general language class is open in January of the year of enrollment, which requires three conditions: 1. Offer from this school;2 passport;3. Ielts score worthy of UKVI.If the language class is considered, students need to have THE UKVI IELTS score before January. Generally speaking, the language class can be allocated in March.After March, the language class will be filled up one after another. If it is full, students need to pass the standard and go directly to the regular class.3. The latest date: by the end of July 2022, when the admission requirements of the university are fully met, one visa period will be reserved for direct admission to the regular course.It can be seen that ielts preparation runs through the whole process of study abroad preparation. Students must arrange their time according to their own situation.Do not miss the language class, the final IELTS did not reach the entrance requirements, it is not good.If you get the conditional admission from May to July in 2022, you need to send your graduation certificate, degree certificate and qualified IELTS score to the school in exchange for unconditional offer. After you get the UNCON offer, you can apply for CAS.From May to July 2022, prepare visa materials: scan the prepared documents and submit them in a classified manner: go to VFS Center to submit your visa at a certain time and attend a video interview. Please do not reveal your immigrant preference during the interview to avoid visa rejection.Visa result waiting: as long as the deposit certificate is in compliance, other materials are in compliance, generally not a problem.Make an appointment for physical examination from April to August in 2022. Go to the hospital for physical examination on the agreed date and keep the original physical examination report. Note that the tuberculosis physical examination is valid for 6 months, so you can arrange it according to your own time!Air ticket reservation August – September 2022 Admission September – October 2022

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