School examination elimination rate continues to rise!Four key art colleges apply for college Entrance Examination this year

This article is written for next year’s arts candidates and their parents.Comparison of colleges and universities of fine Arts in 2022 and 2021: Xi ‘an Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing University of The Arts and Yunnan University of Arts will cancel the fine Arts college entrance examination in 2022;In 2022, the Central Academy of Fine Arts will cancel the school examination of art history and Fine Arts.In 2022, Shanghai Theatre Academy will cancel school exams for animation and digital Media Art majors;In 2022, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology will cancel the shandong and Hebei Art school exams;In 2022, Shandong University of Art will organize 4 school exams for shandong students majoring in fine arts, and in 2021, 12 school exams for Shandong students majoring in fine arts.In 2022, Beijing Institute of Printing and Jingdezhen Ceramic University resume Fine Arts school examination;In 2022, Shanghai Academy of Visual Arts will add new school examination for painting major (only 5 applicants).Overall, the enrollment plan for the 2022 fine arts college entrance examination has decreased and competition has increased.There are 28,500 + applicants for 2022 and 25,425 for 2021. It’s a tough situation.The Beijing Film Academy has about 28,500 + applicants for 2022 and 25,425 for 2021.Shandong University of Art (SATE) held the 2022 undergraduate entrance examination on February 8, with the first opening of the drawing major and the composition and composition technology theory major in Changqing campus and Wendong Campus respectively.During the 8-day period, nearly 15,000 students from 20 majors (directions) will come to the school to take professional exams.More than 50,000 students across The country took the basic literacy test online on the evening of December 30, 2021 in the preliminary exam of the communication University of China’s 2022 Arts undergraduate enrollment exam.At 9:30 am on Jan 2, 2022, the Communication University of China (CUC) held the preliminary exam for the 2022 Undergraduate Enrollment of arts. More than 40,000 students across the country took the exam online.China Academy of Art (CAFA) has registered 47,910 applicants for the 2022 National Art College Entrance Examination.China Academy of Art registered 56,047 applicants in 2020.In 2022, the number of applicants for the art design category was about 10,304, and the average elimination rate of the preliminary test was 1:4. In 2021, the number of applicants for the art design category was about 11,560, and the average elimination rate of the preliminary test was 1:4. The number of applicants declined, but the enrollment of the China Academy of Art decreased in 2022, so the elimination rate increased.Friendly reminder: the above content is transferred from the OFFICIAL WECHAT, authenticity is for reference only.Friendship tip: joint examination is king, the school examination has the risk, registration needs to be cautious!Finally, I wish the children who participated in the examination great success!!

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